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Area Overview

The postcode area is located in the Bolton, Bolton postcode town, in the North West, England region.

The BL5 postcode area, also known as Bolton 5, is situated in the Greater Manchester region in North West England. This postcode area covers Over Hulton, part of Four Lane Ends, and Westhoughton, towns which are integral to the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton. Situated in the urban territory, the area offers a blend of residential and commercial precincts, with a wide array of amenities ranging from education to leisure facilities.

In terms of geography, the BL5 area is characterized by a mix of flat and moderately hilly terrain. It offers a blend of housing styles predominantly of brick construction, including terraces, semis, and detached houses. A variety of green spaces and parks adds to the area's appeal, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Regarding educational facilities, there are a number of well-established schools catering to all levels of education. The area also harbours several healthcare facilities including GP practices, pharmacies and hospitals.

Additional amenities in the area include shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and pubs, offering a comprehensive range of leisure and convenience services.

In terms of transportation, the BL5 area is well served by robust rail and road networks. Westhoughton Railway Station provides frequent services to regional destinations including Manchester and Bolton. Moreover, regular bus services operate across the area, facilitating travel to neighbouring towns and cities. The M61 motorway is easily accessible from the BL5 area, providing connections to larger urban centres across the North West.

A Major part of this postcode area has a unique mix of residents when compared to others:

  • Diverse age groups: There's a fairly even spread of ages across the board, except for slightly fewer residents between 64 and 85 years old. This means there are fewer people with disabilities compared to other areas.
  • Spread out, but concentrated in the Midlands: While this postcode exists across the UK, it's particularly common in the Midlands region.

Imagine a community with people of all ages (except slightly fewer retirees), scattered around the UK but especially in the Midlands. That's the essence of a big area of BL5 postcode district!

It's important to note that this description generalizes the area and individual experiences may vary.

Electoral Wards

The postcode area covers Horwich and Blackrod, Hulton, Westhoughton North and Chew Moor, Westhoughton South electoral wards.

BL5 Postcode Map

BL5 Area Demographics
(from Census 2021)

The population of BL5 postcode area is 27,425. In England, the male population is 28,833,712 and the female population is 27,656,336, according to the 2021 census.

Ethnicity & Religion

According to the latest 2021 census, The main ethnicity of the people in the area is White: English, with a total of 25,204, followed by White: Other White, with a total of 423. In terms of religion, most people mentioned Christian (17,255), followed by No religion (8,106).


As for deprivation, most of the area is not deprived in any dimension (6,832), followed by at least deprived in one dimension (4,344).

Economic Status

Most people in the nearby area mentioned they are Employee: Full-time (9,670), while 6,421 adults mentioned they are Retired.


Regarding education, 6,885 adults have Level 4 education, while 3,876 have No qualifications education. The most common occupations are

  • Professional occupations (2613)
  • Associate professional and technical occupations (1895), and
  • Managers, directors and senior officials (1684)


The average age of people living in area is 42 years old. The top three age distributions are: Below 14 (8196), Between 45 to 54 (6489), and Between 55 to 64 (6208).


The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population has Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations (5,099) followed by Intermediate occupations (3,134), and Routine occupations (2,747).

Postcodes in BL5

There are total 3 postcode sectors present in the BL5 (listed below). The postcode BL5 has a total of 743 postcodes.

BL5 2FF (terminated)
BL5 2FJ (terminated)
BL5 2FD (terminated)
BL5 2FY (terminated)
BL5 2FE (terminated)
BL5 2SS (terminated)
BL5 2WW (terminated)
BL5 2WA (terminated)
BL5 2WY (terminated)
BL5 2FL (terminated)
BL5 2GB (terminated)
BL5 2FU (terminated)
BL5 2YZ (terminated)
BL5 2GA (terminated)
BL5 2WB (terminated)
BL5 2FW (terminated)
BL5 2YX (terminated)
BL5 2PX (terminated)
BL5 2RL (terminated)
BL5 2GE (terminated)
BL5 2FX (terminated)
BL5 2ZS (terminated)
BL5 2SH (terminated)
BL5 2FN (terminated)
BL5 2WX (terminated)
BL5 2FR (terminated)
BL5 2ZF (terminated)
BL5 2PU (terminated)
BL5 2FS (terminated)
BL5 2QT (terminated)
BL5 2YU (terminated)
BL5 2ZU (terminated)
BL5 2FA (terminated)
BL5 2GY (terminated)
BL5 2WS (terminated)
BL5 2WT (terminated)
BL5 2WQ (terminated)
BL5 2WU (terminated)
BL5 2WZ (terminated)
BL5 2FT (terminated)
BL5 2GD (terminated)
BL5 2QR (terminated)
BL5 2YT (terminated)
BL5 2FQ (terminated)
BL5 2QF (terminated)
BL5 2FP (terminated)
BL5 2WR (terminated)
BL5 2FH (terminated)
BL5 2FZ (terminated)
BL5 2YY (terminated)
BL5 2JW (terminated)
BL5 2FG (terminated)
BL5 2YS (terminated)
BL5 3GB (terminated)
BL5 3JE (terminated)
BL5 3WL (terminated)
BL5 3WP (terminated)
BL5 3WH (terminated)
BL5 3YL (terminated)
BL5 3YP (terminated)
BL5 3YR (terminated)
BL5 3YQ (terminated)
BL5 3YS (terminated)
BL5 3GX (terminated)
BL5 3WJ (terminated)
BL5 3GD (terminated)
BL5 3XZ (terminated)
BL5 3XL (terminated)
BL5 3WS (terminated)
BL5 3WU (terminated)
BL5 3YN (terminated)
BL5 3WB (terminated)
BL5 3WY (terminated)
BL5 3XD (terminated)
BL5 3XF (terminated)
BL5 3GA (terminated)
BL5 3FS (terminated)
BL5 3WR (terminated)
BL5 3JA (terminated)
BL5 3JL (terminated)
BL5 3YH (terminated)
BL5 3FY (terminated)
BL5 3FU (terminated)
BL5 3WX (terminated)
BL5 3XN (terminated)
BL5 3WT (terminated)
BL5 3WQ (terminated)
BL5 3FW (terminated)
BL5 3WN (terminated)
BL5 3WW (terminated)
BL5 3XT (terminated)
BL5 3AY (terminated)
BL5 3WF (terminated)
BL5 3YT (terminated)
BL5 3WZ (terminated)
BL5 1EF (terminated)
BL5 1WX (terminated)
BL5 1WW (terminated)
BL5 1EG (terminated)
BL5 1JX (terminated)
BL5 1WY (terminated)
BL5 1DD (terminated)
BL5 1DE (terminated)
BL5 1FD (terminated)
BL5 1FG (terminated)
BL5 1FA (terminated)
BL5 1JY (terminated)
BL5 1WA (terminated)
BL5 1FE (terminated)
BL5 1BT (terminated)
BL5 1DG (terminated)
BL5 1FF (terminated)
BL5 1FB (terminated)
BL5 1WZ (terminated)
BL5 1DA (terminated)
ONS Administrative Info

Horwich and Blackrod


Westhoughton North and Chew Moor

Westhoughton South

RegionNorth West

BL5 Crime Statstics

Crime rate over the last 12 Months

Crime rate by Month


Other crime


Violence and sexual offences


Other theft


Public order


Bicycle theft


Public order


Violence and sexual offences


Public order


Violence and sexual offences


Public order


Violence and sexual offences



BL5 Property Statstics

Sold House Prices over the last 12 Months

Sold House Prices by Month

House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£299,999.00£299,999.00 - £299,999.001
Semi-Detached£190,000.00£190,000.00 - £190,000.001
Terraced£189,000.00£189,000.00 - £189,000.001
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£450,000.00£450,000.00 - £450,000.001
Semi-Detached£185,000.00£180,000.00 - £190,000.002
Terraced£176,000.00£176,000.00 - £176,000.001
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£216,000.00£192,000.00 - £240,000.002
Flat£103,000.00£92,000.00 - £114,000.002
Other£515,000.00£515,000.00 - £515,000.001
Semi-Detached£211,833.33£193,500.00 - £240,000.004
Terraced£147,350.00£115,000.00 - £190,000.004
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£307,500.00£230,000.00 - £553,000.009
Flat£127,166.67£120,000.00 - £141,500.003
Semi-Detached£228,142.86£180,000.00 - £288,000.007
Terraced£125,687.50£70,000.00 - £179,000.008
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£340,000.00£340,000.00 - £340,000.001
Semi-Detached£242,500.00£200,000.00 - £285,000.003
Terraced£208,250.00£110,000.00 - £274,000.008
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£289,442.67£189,000.00 - £450,000.0015
Flat£87,750.00£50,000.00 - £115,000.004
Other£215,000.00£160,000.00 - £270,000.002
Semi-Detached£201,479.17£126,000.00 - £260,000.0018
Terraced£172,500.00£102,000.00 - £195,000.0014
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£320,000.00£320,000.00 - £320,000.001
Flat£132,500.00£130,000.00 - £135,000.002
Semi-Detached£115,000.00£115,000.00 - £115,000.001
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£325,000.00£325,000.00 - £325,000.001
Flat£122,737.50£110,000.00 - £139,950.004
Semi-Detached£218,000.00£175,000.00 - £277,000.004
Terraced£183,750.00£106,000.00 - £242,000.005
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£375,888.40£190,000.00 - £665,000.005
Flat£100,666.67£52,000.00 - £155,000.003
Other£220.00£220.00 - £220.001
Semi-Detached£222,785.71£129,000.00 - £285,000.008
Terraced£150,000.00£98,000.00 - £195,000.005
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£288,208.33£185,000.00 - £611,000.007
Flat£127,000.00£124,000.00 - £130,000.002
Semi-Detached£210,291.67£155,000.00 - £330,000.007
Terraced£133,255.36£58,000.00 - £240,000.0016
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£382,916.67£215,000.00 - £800,000.005
Flat£103,166.67£95,000.00 - £117,000.003
Semi-Detached£217,150.38£156,203.00 - £385,000.005
Terraced£161,189.39£95,000.00 - £250,000.0014
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£431,250.00£210,000.00 - £800,000.008
Flat£67,500.00£67,500.00 - £67,500.001
Other£85,000.00£85,000.00 - £85,000.001
Semi-Detached£228,928.57£150,000.00 - £290,000.0011
Terraced£170,075.00£92,500.00 - £260,000.0014
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£265,714.29£210,000.00 - £340,000.007
Flat£119,500.00£119,500.00 - £119,500.001
Semi-Detached£220,950.00£75,000.00 - £300,000.0015
Terraced£166,320.51£96,000.00 - £261,000.0019
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£338,000.00£285,000.00 - £375,000.003
Flat£129,000.00£128,000.00 - £130,000.002
Semi-Detached£209,875.00£140,000.00 - £265,000.0010
Terraced£177,500.00£157,500.00 - £205,000.003
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Other£211,000.00£211,000.00 - £211,000.001
Semi-Detached£183,000.00£180,000.00 - £186,000.002
Terraced£135,000.00£125,000.00 - £145,000.002
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£410,547.62£235,000.00 - £520,000.0010
Flat£131,537.50£126,000.00 - £140,000.004
Other£525,000.00£525,000.00 - £525,000.001
Semi-Detached£211,636.90£157,000.00 - £245,000.0013
Terraced£165,177.78£97,500.00 - £240,000.0015
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£352,891.67£250,000.00 - £480,000.0011
Flat£97,500.00£70,000.00 - £125,000.002
Semi-Detached£209,820.31£69,125.00 - £330,000.0016
Terraced£148,884.72£106,000.00 - £250,000.0018
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£351,951.22£260,000.00 - £475,000.0015
Flat£110,666.67£92,000.00 - £124,000.003
Other£522,500.00£522,500.00 - £522,500.001
Semi-Detached£190,550.00£100,000.00 - £288,000.0023
Terraced£148,038.10£100,000.00 - £190,100.0010
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£357,827.38£245,000.00 - £575,000.0016
Flat£134,020.83£122,000.00 - £148,125.006
Semi-Detached£225,810.25£110,000.00 - £380,500.0021
Terraced£170,666.67£140,000.00 - £230,000.007
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£388,040.00£110,000.00 - £499,995.008
Flat£118,000.00£110,000.00 - £126,000.002
Semi-Detached£173,118.89£92,000.00 - £246,000.0015
Terraced£167,888.39£118,000.00 - £304,000.0015
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£326,637.22£185,000.00 - £425,000.0012
Flat£115,507.14£89,500.00 - £143,000.007
Other£3,556,600.00£273,200.00 - £6,840,000.002
Semi-Detached£228,336.67£90,000.00 - £285,000.0018
Terraced£172,014.88£100,000.00 - £250,000.0017
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£342,456.67£220,000.00 - £775,000.009
Flat£80,000.00£80,000.00 - £80,000.001
Semi-Detached£185,600.00£143,000.00 - £212,000.005
Terraced£148,456.82£62,000.00 - £191,200.0015
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£319,331.67£270,000.00 - £380,000.003
Flat£113,250.00£84,000.00 - £126,000.004
Other£392,500.00£330,000.00 - £455,000.002
Semi-Detached£253,875.00£68,000.00 - £503,000.0017
Terraced£171,171.88£93,000.00 - £340,000.0018
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£317,683.52£265,000.00 - £420,000.0011
Flat£90,000.00£90,000.00 - £90,000.001
Semi-Detached£298,005.00£103,000.00 - £1,164,000.0015
Terraced£128,432.29£80,000.00 - £190,000.0014
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£367,369.81£266,000.00 - £600,000.0015
Flat£106,750.00£87,000.00 - £125,000.004
Other£2,000,000.00£2,000,000.00 - £2,000,000.001
Semi-Detached£199,084.17£119,000.00 - £275,000.0017
Terraced£160,025.64£105,000.00 - £300,000.0016
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£293,831.67£267,000.00 - £340,000.004
Flat£70,000.00£70,000.00 - £70,000.001
Other£2,450,142.50£285.00 - £4,900,000.002
Semi-Detached£222,742.38£135,000.00 - £355,000.0016
Terraced£152,837.50£71,000.00 - £218,000.0019
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£260,232.50£110,000.00 - £600,000.008
Flat£143,050.00£67,000.00 - £280,000.004
Semi-Detached£135,473.67£68,836.00 - £243,500.007
Terraced£156,005.53£95,000.00 - £269,950.0011

Washacre Primary SchoolPrimary, Good167 5-11BL52NJ
Eatock Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding238 3-11BL52ER
St James CofE Primary School, Daisy HillPrimary, Good407 3-11BL52JU
St Thomas CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good237 3-11BL53HP
St Andrew's CofE Primary School, Over HultonPrimary, Good206 4-11BL51EN
St Bartholomew's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good210 5-11BL53NZ
Sacred Heart R.C. Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding414 4-11BL53DU
Westhoughton High SchoolSecondary, Good1304 11-16BL53BZ
St George's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good293 3-11BL52FB
The Gates Primary SchoolPrimary, Good307 3-11BL53QA
  • My Clinic Room, BL5
  • My Tiers of Joy, BL5
  • Greenhalghs, BL5 3AZ
  • Helen Rose Bakery, BL5
  • Hive Bakehouse, BL5
  • Mercury Motel, BL5 3JP
  • The Royal Oak, BL5 3ND
  • Daisy Hill Football Club, BL5 2EB
  • Hulton Arms, BL5 1EJ
  • KOO Cafe Bar Limited, BL5 3AA
  • Masonic Hall, BL5 3SP
  • Over Hulton Conservative Club Ltd, BL5 1AA
  • Mcdonalds, BL5 3AJ
  • Nabucco Bar & Restaurant, BL5 3BA
  • Sodexo, BL5 3XX
  • Absolute Bar, BL5 3AH
  • Air Vault Trampoline Park, BL5 3XU
  • Food Love, BL5
  • Mama Bear Milk Boosts Ltd, BL5
  • Pukka Vegan Tucker, BL5
  • Cakes and Bakes, BL5
  • Westhoughton Methodist Church, BL5 2EE
  • Melt & Grill, BL5
  • Mike's Cafe, BL5
  • Route fish and chips HX10 CFV, BL5
  • Simply Delicious, BL5
  • Chuck Wagon, BL5
  • Aldi, BL5 1FN
  • Aldi Stores Ltd, BL5 3DG
  • Co-op, BL5 3AN
  • Lidl, BL5 3YY
  • Sainsbury's, BL5 3RD
  • Ripps at Zub Zero, BL5 3AZ
  • A1 Fish & Chips, BL5 3RU
  • Big Mamma Bolton, BL5 2EZ
  • Carols Kitchen, BL5 3QR
  • Charlies Fish & Chips, BL5 3DY
  • Woodlands Care Home, BL5 3RJ
  • Casson Fold Day Nursery, BL5 2EH
  • Daisy Hill Pre School, BL5 2JE
  • Happitots Nursery, BL5 3PD
  • Heaton Dene Day Nursery, BL5 3NJ
  • TS Hibbert & Son, BL5 3RU
  • The Aspire Hub, BL5 2JE
  • Dolce Ltd Westhoughton High School, BL5 3DN
  • Eatock Primary School, BL5 2ER
  • Premier Education, BL5 2ER
  • Sacred Heart RC Primary school, BL5 3DT