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East Devon, EX1 Postcode Area Overview

The EX1 postcode area is located in the East Devon, Exeter, Devon postcode town, in the South West, England region.

A Major part of this postcode area describes a young, busy community of mostly single UK adults living in rented terraced houses.


  • Mostly young adults, not married and with few children.
  • Not very diverse, mainly White residents with some from Chinese backgrounds.
  • Less likely to follow a specific religion and have low disability rates.
  • Many residents come and go frequently (high turnover).


  • Mainly privately rented terraced houses.


  • Many residents are full-time students or professionals in management or other high-skilled jobs.

Overall: a big area of EX1 postcode district represents a dynamic community with young, mobile adults enjoying a fast-paced lifestyle. Housing is mainly rented terraces, and many residents are students or professionals with good jobs. While there are few families and older adults, it offers an exciting and diverse environment for young professionals. Remember, this is a general overview, and individual experiences may vary greatly.

It's important to note that this description generalizes the area and individual experiences may vary.

Electoral Wards

The EX1 postcode area covers Broadclyst, Heavitree, Mincinglake and Whipton, Newtown and St Leonard's, Pennsylvania, Pinhoe, St David's electoral wards.

EX1 Postcode Map

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EX1 Demographics
(from Census 2021)

The population of EX1 postcode area is 26,514. In England, the male population is 28,833,712 and the female population is 27,656,336, according to the 2021 census.

Ethnicity & Religion

According to the latest 2021 census, The main ethnicity of the people in the area is White: English, with a total of 21,991, followed by White: Other White, with a total of 1,661. In terms of religion, most people mentioned No religion (13,256), followed by Christian (10,327).


As for deprivation, most of the area is not deprived in any dimension (7,053), followed by at least deprived in one dimension (4,402).

Economic Status

Most people in the EX1 postcode area mentioned they are Employee: Full-time (9,810), while 4,744 adults mentioned they are Retired.


Regarding education, 8,173 adults have Level 4 education, while 2,885 have No qualifications education. The most common occupations in the EX1 area are

  • Professional occupations (3516)
  • Associate professional and technical occupations (1702), and
  • Elementary occupations (1286)


The average age of people living in postcode EX1 is 39 years old. The top three age distributions are: Between 15 to 24 (11849), Below 14 (10311), and Between 25 to 34 (10247).


The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population in EX1 has Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations (4,447) followed by Full-time students (3,317), and Higher managerial, administrative and professional occupations (3,019).

Postcodes in EX1

There are total 5 postcode sectors present in the EX1 (listed below). The postcode EX1 has a total of 1568 postcodes.

ONS Administrative Info of EX1



Mincinglake and Whipton

Newtown and St Leonard's



St David's

LTLA22East Devon, Exeter
RegionSouth West

East Devon, EX1 Postcode Crime rate over the last 12 Months

East Devon, EX1 Postcode Area Crime rate by Month


Anti-social behaviour


Bicycle theft




Criminal damage and arson




Other crime


Other theft


Possession of weapons


Public order






Theft from the person


Vehicle crime


Violence and sexual offences




Other theft


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Criminal damage and arson

Sold House Prices in EX1 postcode area over the last 12 Months

Sold House Prices in EX1 postcode area by Month

House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£494,370.83£290,000.00 - £984,950.0012
Flat£150,108.33£51,300.00 - £200,000.008
Semi-Detached£292,605.56£165,000.00 - £472,500.009
Terraced£285,350.00£110,000.00 - £410,000.0010
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£474,344.57£215,000.00 - £900,000.0037
Flat£160,312.50£60,000.00 - £275,000.008
Other£549,000.00£12,000.00 - £1,500,000.005
Semi-Detached£315,960.53£200,000.00 - £720,000.0019
Terraced£183,777.78£110,000.00 - £380,000.0020
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£489,396.76£235,000.00 - £1,050,000.0068
Flat£201,777.78£90,000.00 - £435,000.0018
Other£5,040,000.00£5,040,000.00 - £5,040,000.002
Semi-Detached£295,590.91£175,000.00 - £575,000.0033
Terraced£269,150.00£140,000.00 - £510,000.0029
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£527,504.81£192,000.00 - £1,450,000.0052
Flat£235,968.75£58,000.00 - £700,000.0018
Other£683,437.08£75,000.00 - £1,340,000.0013
Semi-Detached£347,573.53£180,000.00 - £940,000.0034
Terraced£244,945.28£137,000.00 - £595,000.0053
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£490,635.06£265,000.00 - £1,175,000.0087
Flat£208,271.36£70,160.00 - £395,000.0038
Other£405,236.08£53,000.00 - £1,475,000.0020
Semi-Detached£267,103.45£197,500.00 - £775,000.0060
Terraced£201,561.67£114,000.00 - £810,000.0071
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£573,000.00£250,000.00 - £895,000.0013
Flat£117,600.00£71,500.00 - £179,500.005
Other£825,000.00£825,000.00 - £825,000.001
Semi-Detached£287,500.00£245,000.00 - £330,000.002
Terraced£213,750.00£85,000.00 - £345,000.006
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£573,271.74£250,000.00 - £1,200,000.0046
Flat£241,683.33£50,000.00 - £750,000.0016
Other£479,500.00£150,000.00 - £2,000,000.006
Semi-Detached£333,631.50£185,000.00 - £865,000.0030
Terraced£265,769.57£125,000.00 - £525,000.0046
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£536,836.15£230,000.00 - £1,900,000.0065
Flat£343,644.23£52,500.00 - £505,000.0027
Other£447,015.83£75,000.00 - £3,384,999.0011
Semi-Detached£328,279.27£185,000.00 - £810,000.0041
Terraced£200,257.61£101,500.00 - £745,750.0048
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£535,584.57£200,000.00 - £1,448,000.0048
Flat£164,291.67£65,000.00 - £755,000.0026
Other£561,933.33£193,200.00 - £1,400,000.008
Semi-Detached£320,787.88£155,000.00 - £750,000.0033
Terraced£280,769.44£150,000.00 - £950,000.0054
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£536,442.36£200,000.00 - £2,161,250.0047
Flat£188,068.18£92,000.00 - £344,500.0011
Other£733,015.19£52,000.00 - £4,073,743.0016
Semi-Detached£310,341.56£190,000.00 - £635,000.0034
Terraced£257,217.11£105,000.00 - £535,000.0040
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£454,579.63£210,000.00 - £1,690,000.0036
Flat£208,090.79£70,000.00 - £535,000.0020
Other£418,730.77£9,000.00 - £1,850,000.0015
Semi-Detached£248,905.56£164,500.00 - £680,000.0046
Terraced£236,301.83£122,000.00 - £725,000.0042
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£543,274.73£225,000.00 - £1,000,000.0091
Flat£262,725.38£53,000.00 - £675,425.0067
Other£445,517.30£50,500.00 - £2,000,000.0032
Semi-Detached£351,490.91£135,000.00 - £725,000.0055
Terraced£201,392.42£85,750.00 - £725,000.00104
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£623,864.39£170,000.00 - £1,400,000.0033
Flat£201,008.33£78,000.00 - £360,000.0013
Other£261,250.00£35,000.00 - £475,000.004
Semi-Detached£289,842.11£222,000.00 - £600,000.0020
Terraced£273,516.67£186,000.00 - £540,000.0030
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£506,710.71£293,950.00 - £1,010,000.0014
Flat£188,875.00£130,000.00 - £247,750.002
Other£417,500.00£225,000.00 - £610,000.002
Semi-Detached£397,625.00£295,000.00 - £575,000.008
Terraced£231,104.17£155,000.00 - £525,000.007
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£569,606.78£200,000.00 - £2,640,000.0059
Flat£203,622.96£70,000.00 - £453,000.0030
Other£603,120.83£116,000.00 - £1,230,000.0012
Semi-Detached£312,162.50£173,000.00 - £570,000.0032
Terraced£202,179.40£124,320.00 - £510,000.0044
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£537,829.09£160,000.00 - £1,762,500.0077
Flat£208,007.25£57,000.00 - £285,000.0026
Other£463,585.33£22,000.00 - £1,900,000.0016
Semi-Detached£288,580.20£135,000.00 - £800,000.0054
Terraced£244,930.49£107,500.00 - £950,000.0084
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£532,997.13£290,000.00 - £1,850,000.0089
Flat£231,873.39£70,000.00 - £1,050,000.0032
Other£910,003.34£250.00 - £2,500,000.0018
Semi-Detached£325,906.48£140,000.00 - £700,000.0054
Terraced£230,619.87£106,000.00 - £490,000.0059
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£528,587.26£165,000.00 - £1,700,000.00102
Flat£173,434.78£62,000.00 - £510,000.0023
Other£627,961.61£122,000.00 - £3,229,995.0016
Semi-Detached£293,798.72£135,500.00 - £795,000.0069
Terraced£214,465.96£140,000.00 - £950,000.0067
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£561,028.37£150,000.00 - £1,125,000.00100
Flat£198,964.29£66,000.00 - £435,000.0022
Other£616,359.11£13,000.00 - £8,650,928.0021
Semi-Detached£270,576.23£155,000.00 - £875,000.0063
Terraced£278,805.46£130,000.00 - £681,971.0072
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£503,993.59£190,000.00 - £1,500,000.00101
Flat£198,255.68£69,000.00 - £350,000.0024
Other£614,401.62£70,000.00 - £5,489,135.0019
Semi-Detached£270,534.30£120,000.00 - £700,000.0055
Terraced£252,444.49£100,000.00 - £860,000.0070
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£392,809.16£195,000.00 - £2,415,545.0060
Flat£157,022.40£65,000.00 - £285,000.0025
Other£785,354.55£82,500.00 - £1,905,000.0011
Semi-Detached£286,069.08£135,000.00 - £500,000.0050
Terraced£271,725.89£135,000.00 - £710,000.0056
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£502,335.76£200,000.00 - £4,800,000.0068
Flat£174,229.23£81,000.00 - £290,000.0028
Other£516,050.00£1,000.00 - £5,458,000.0011
Semi-Detached£248,595.42£122,000.00 - £475,000.0042
Terraced£250,899.76£110,000.00 - £600,000.0061
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£438,089.83£210,000.00 - £1,310,000.0080
Flat£232,992.50£70,000.00 - £400,000.0019
Other£374,912.65£1,000.00 - £2,275,000.0022
Semi-Detached£289,238.51£175,000.00 - £940,000.0033
Terraced£287,258.69£136,500.00 - £750,000.0061
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£455,397.36£200,000.00 - £1,250,000.0089
Flat£225,996.30£69,000.00 - £390,000.0032
Other£535,999.05£1,000.00 - £8,400,000.0022
Semi-Detached£306,006.67£161,000.00 - £575,000.0056
Terraced£178,139.64£95,000.00 - £520,000.0071
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£451,552.91£177,000.00 - £1,656,000.0092
Flat£174,516.11£57,000.00 - £490,000.0033
Other£282,110.55£16,000.00 - £1,200,000.0012
Semi-Detached£226,001.16£120,000.00 - £437,000.0034
Terraced£224,451.21£100,000.00 - £450,000.0068
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£426,334.10£150,000.00 - £1,050,000.0081
Flat£217,386.04£71,000.00 - £450,000.0027
Other£521,833.33£30,000.00 - £3,985,000.0014
Semi-Detached£304,917.05£140,000.00 - £591,000.0047
Terraced£198,235.22£92,000.00 - £985,000.0058
Schools in the EX1 Postcode Area

Bow Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good122 4-11EX176HU
Cheriton Fitzpaine Primary SchoolPrimary, Good107 2-11EX174AN
Clyst Hydon Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement16 4-11EX152ND
Copplestone Primary SchoolPrimary, Good138 4-11EX175NX
Hayward's Primary SchoolPrimary, Good395 4-11EX173AX
Culmstock Primary SchoolPrimary, Good141 4-11EX153JP
Ladysmith Infant & Nursery SchoolPrimary, Outstanding328 3-7EX12PS
Ladysmith Junior SchoolPrimary, Good351 7-11EX12PT
Newtown Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement128 4-11EX12BP
Honiton Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement431 3-11EX141QF
Kilmington Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding77 4-11EX137RG
Newton Poppleford Primary SchoolPrimary, Good185 4-11EX100EL
Ottery St Mary Primary SchoolPrimary, Good424 4-11EX111HY
West Hill Primary SchoolPrimary, Good216 4-11EX111UQ
Sandford SchoolPrimary, Good136 4-11EX174NE
Seaton Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding382 4-11EX122HF
Shute Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement89 4-11EX137QR
Upottery Primary SchoolPrimary, Good91 4-11EX149QT
Willand SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement396 4-11EX152QL
Landscore Primary SchoolPrimary, Good269 4-11EX173JH
Spreyton SchoolPrimary, Good29 3-11EX175AJ
East Anstey Primary SchoolPrimary, Good34 2-11EX169JP
Winkleigh Primary SchoolPrimary, Good208 2-11EX198JQ
Halberton Primary SchoolPrimary, Good96 4-11EX167AT
Castle Primary SchoolPrimary, Good309 4-11EX166QR
Two Moors Primary SchoolPrimary, Good410 3-11EX166HH
Heathcoat Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement399 3-11EX165HE
Branscombe Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good24 2-11EX123DA
Broadhembury Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good42 4-11EX143NF
Kentisbeare Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good147 4-11EX152AD
Offwell Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good81 4-11EX149SA
Payhembury Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good100 4-11EX143HT
Plymtree Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good61 4-11EX152JU
Uplowman Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good82 4-11EX167DR
Awliscombe Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good94 4-11EX143PJ
Feniton Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding226 4-11EX143EA
Tipton St John Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good90 4-11EX100AG
Rackenford Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good88 4-11EX168DU
Cullompton Community CollegeSecondary, Good755 11-16EX151DX
Tiverton High SchoolSecondary, Good1229 11-16EX166SQ
Ellen Tinkham SchoolSpecial, Outstanding240 3-19EX13RW
Uffculme SchoolSecondary, Outstanding1055 11-16EX153AG
Queen Elizabeth'sSecondary, Good1263 11-18EX173LU
The King's SchoolSecondary, Outstanding1109 11-18EX111RA
Honiton Community CollegeSecondary, Requires improvement735 11-18EX141QT
Chulmleigh Primary School Primary, Requires improvement190 2-11EX187AA
Chulmleigh Community CollegeSecondary, Good726 11-16EX187AA
East Worlington Primary SchoolPrimary, Good46 2-11EX174TS
Stockland Church of England Primary AcademyPrimary, Requires improvement81 5-11EX149EF
Sidbury Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good186 4-11EX100SB
Sampford Peverell Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good122 2-11EX167BR
Hemyock Primary SchoolPrimary, Good242 2-11EX153RY
Wilcombe Primary SchoolPrimary, Good182 3-11EX164AL
Littletown Primary AcademyPrimary, Good430 3-11EX142EG
Bickleigh on Exe Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good130 2-11EX168RE
Lapford Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good95 2-11EX176QE
St Nicholas Catholic Primary SchoolPrimary, Good320 3-11EX13EG
St Michael's Church of England Primary AcademyPrimary, Outstanding418 5-11EX12SN
Uffculme Primary School Primary, Good220 4-11EX153AY
St John's Catholic Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement122 2-11EX165LB
St Mary's Catholic Primary School, AxminsterPrimary, Good136 4-11EX135BE
Axminster Community Primary AcademyPrimary, Good279 2-11EX135BU
St Andrew's CofE Primary AcademyPrimary, Requires improvement99 2-11EX137BJ
St Andrew's Primary SchoolPrimary, Good349 4-11EX151HU
Membury Primary AcademyPrimary, Good12 5-11EX137AF
Westclyst Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding459 2-11EX13YG
Musbury Primary SchoolPrimary, Good46 5-11EX138BB
Sidmouth Church of England (VA) Primary SchoolPrimary, Good535 2-11EX109XB
Tidcombe Primary SchoolPrimary, Good221 3-11EX164BP
All Saints Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good110 4-11EX137LX
Hawkchurch Church of England SchoolPrimary, Good34 2-11EX135XD
Beer Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement96 5-11EX123NB
Axe Valley AcademySecondary, Requires improvement581 11-16EX135EA
Witheridge Church of England Primary AcademyPrimary, Good122 2-11EX168AH
Yeoford Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good68 3-11EX175HZ
Bampton Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good116 2-11EX169NW
Willowbank Primary SchoolPrimary, Good276 4-11EX151EZ
Dolton Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good38 2-11EX198QF
Whipton Barton Junior SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement208 7-11EX13JP
Whipton Barton Infants and Nursery SchoolPrimary, Good252 2-7EX13JP
ACE Tiverton Special School Special, Not Rated75 11-16EX165HB
St Luke's Church of England SchoolSecondary, Inadequate810 11-16EX13RD
Monkerton Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Not Rated176 2-11EX13WS
Morchard Bishop Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good124 2-11EX176PJ
Burlescombe Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, GoodNone 4-11EX167JH
Beaford Community Primary & Nursery SchoolPrimary, OutstandingNone 2-11EX198LJ
Bolham Community Primary SchoolPrimary, GoodNone 4-11EX167RA
Sidmouth CollegeSecondary, GoodNone 11-18EX109LG
Amenities in the EX1 Postcode Area
  • Leonardo Hotel Exeter, EX1 2DB
  • Hotel Indigo Exeter, EX1 1EU
  • Gipsy Hill Hotel, EX1 3RJ
  • Holiday Inn Express, EX1 3PE
  • Jurys Inn Exeter, EX1 2DB
  • JD Wetherspoon George's Meeting House, EX1 1ED
  • Cross Keys Bar & Cafe, EX1 2LT
  • Devon & Exeter Institution, EX1 1EZ
  • Emma's Kitchen, EX1 3BS
  • Exeter White Ensign Club, EX1 1ED
  • Exeter Bus Station Cafe, EX1 2FX
  • Flourish Cafe, EX1 2NJ
  • St. Sidwell's Point Leisure Centre, EX1 2JX
  • How On The Earth Vegan Ltd, EX1 1EQ
  • Hubbox, EX1 1EU
  • Domino's Pizza, EX1 3RU
  • Dos Bros Burritos, EX1 1BP
  • Eddys Fast Food, EX1 2QL
  • Exeter South Street KFC, EX1 1HX
  • Hook Fish and Chips, EX1 1EQ
  • Funlands Diner, EX1 3TX
  • My Garden Of Eden, EX1 3XL
  • Westclyst Community Primary School, EX1 3YG
  • Aspens Services Ltd @ St Lukes CofE, EX1 3RD
  • Devon Norse @ Ellen Tinkham School, EX1 3RW
  • Devon Norse @ Ladysmith Infants, EX1 2PS
  • Devon Norse @ Ladysmith Junior, EX1 2PT
  • 168 Oriental, EX1 2AT
  • Central Convenience Stores, EX1 3HE
  • Chandos Delicatessen Ltd, EX1 1GN
  • Cocorico, EX1 2QB
  • Sushi Daily, EX1 2EB
  • Co-op, EX1 2RJ
  • Co-op, EX1 2FT
  • Morrisons Daily, EX1 2NG
  • Sainsbury's, EX1 3PF
  • Tesco Express (2620), EX1 2RN
  • Lavita, EX1 2QL
  • Cumberland Grange Care Home, EX1 3ZU
  • The Lodge, EX1 3TF
  • ASU (Additional Support Unit), EX1 3RB
  • Central & Southern Homes Ltd, EX1 2BL
  • Discovery, EX1 2ND
  • Hartnell Fresh Foods, EX1 2NF
  • Belmont Chapel, EX1 2DB
  • Crossline, EX1 2LD
  • Exeter Christadelphians, EX1 2LQ
  • Heavitree Bowling Club, EX1 3PS
  • Marble Kitchen, EX1 3UJ