M4 Postcode Area Information

Avg Annual Income
Full Time Employees
Average Age

Area Overview

The postcode area is located in the Manchester, Manchester postcode town, in the North West, England region.

A Major part of this postcode area describes a young, professional community with a significant Asian population. 


  • Mainly young adults between 25 and 44 years old.
  • Single or divorced, with few families with young children.
  • Many residents are Chinese or Indian.
  • Disability rates are low.
  • Most residents rent their homes privately and don't own multiple cars.


  • Highly educated, with many residents holding degrees.
  • Many work in high-level positions like management or senior roles.

Overall: M4 postcode represents a dynamic and ambitious community with young professionals and a diverse Asian population. While there are few families with young children, residents enjoy successful careers and a high standard of living.

It's important to note that this description generalizes the area and individual experiences may vary.

Electoral Wards

The postcode area covers Ancoats & Beswick, Cheetham, Miles Platting & Newton Heath, Piccadilly electoral wards.

M4 Postcode Map

M4 Area Demographics
(from Census 2021)

The population of M4 postcode area is 16,727. In England, the male population is 28,833,712 and the female population is 27,656,336, according to the 2021 census.

Ethnicity & Religion

According to the latest 2021 census, The main ethnicity of the people in the area is White: English, with a total of 10,138, followed by White: Other White, with a total of 2,147. In terms of religion, most people mentioned No religion (9,754), followed by Christian (4,255).


As for deprivation, most of the area is not deprived in any dimension (8,111), followed by at least deprived in one dimension (3,481).

Economic Status

Most people in the nearby area mentioned they are Employee: Full-time (12,888), while 1,622 adults mentioned they are Student.


Regarding education, 11,085 adults have Level 4 education, while 1,069 have No qualifications education. The most common occupations are

  • Professional occupations (4666)
  • Associate professional and technical occupations (2959), and
  • Managers, directors and senior officials (1333)


The average age of people living in area is 32 years old. The top three age distributions are: Between 25 to 34 (13925), Between 15 to 24 (8797), and Between 35 to 44 (5227).


The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population has Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations (4,534) followed by Higher managerial, administrative and professional occupations (4,283), and Full-time students (1,709).

Postcodes in M4

There are total 7 postcode sectors present in the M4 (listed below). The postcode M4 has a total of 614 postcodes.

M4 5BL (terminated)
M4 5BQ (terminated)
M4 5AT (terminated)
M4 5DT (terminated)
M4 5DW (terminated)
M4 5BP (terminated)
M4 5FF (terminated)
M4 5EX (terminated)
M4 5EW (terminated)
M4 5JP (terminated)
M4 5JX (terminated)
M4 5JF (terminated)
M4 5AR (terminated)
M4 5BH (terminated)
M4 5FW (terminated)
M4 5DP (terminated)
M4 5AQ (terminated)
M4 5JR (terminated)
M4 5AY (terminated)
M4 5WD (terminated)
M4 5HE (terminated)
M4 5JH (terminated)
M4 5DJ (terminated)
M4 5BB (terminated)
M4 5AS (terminated)
M4 5HB (terminated)
M4 5FD (terminated)
M4 5BJ (terminated)
M4 5AU (terminated)
M4 5ED (terminated)
M4 5DE (terminated)
M4 5DS (terminated)
M4 5JS (terminated)
M4 5JB (terminated)
M4 5HA (terminated)
M4 5FB (terminated)
M4 5FR (terminated)
M4 4AW (terminated)
M4 4BD (terminated)
M4 4BA (terminated)
M4 4BY (terminated)
M4 4BS (terminated)
M4 4EG (terminated)
M4 4EA (terminated)
M4 4DZ (terminated)
M4 4DT (terminated)
M4 4FX (terminated)
M4 4ET (terminated)
M4 4HE (terminated)
M4 4EU (terminated)
M4 4FL (terminated)
M4 4JH (terminated)
M4 4JN (terminated)
M4 4JB (terminated)
M4 4HS (terminated)
M4 4JA (terminated)
M4 4LA (terminated)
M4 4PR (terminated)
M4 4JJ (terminated)
M4 4JY (terminated)
M4 4PD (terminated)
M4 4PF (terminated)
M4 4FD (terminated)
M4 4BX (terminated)
M4 4HR (terminated)
M4 4BH (terminated)
M4 4EQ (terminated)
M4 4EB (terminated)
M4 4JP (terminated)
fern street, M4 4FF (terminated)
M4 4GD (terminated)
M4 4FR (terminated)
M4 4DF (terminated)
M4 4JE (terminated)
M4 4JX (terminated)
M4 4DL (terminated)
M4 4RN (terminated)
M4 4DA (terminated)
M4 4BP (terminated)
M4 4AG (terminated)
M4 4FJ (terminated)
M4 4EP (terminated)
M4 4EL (terminated)
M4 4JL (terminated)
M4 4DJ (terminated)
M4 6HP (terminated)
M4 6ES (terminated)
M4 6GQ (terminated)
M4 6FT (terminated)
M4 6AE (terminated)
M4 6AA (terminated)
M4 6DF (terminated)
M4 6BP (terminated)
M4 6BH (terminated)
M4 6DQ (terminated)
M4 6DY (terminated)
M4 6DS (terminated)
M4 6DX (terminated)
M4 6EU (terminated)
M4 6GR (terminated)
M4 6ET (terminated)
M4 6GW (terminated)
M4 6FA (terminated)
M4 6FB (terminated)
M4 6FH (terminated)
M4 6JQ (terminated)
M4 6HE (terminated)
M4 6LB (terminated)
M4 6HG (terminated)
M4 6JF (terminated)
M4 6DD (terminated)
M4 6HJ (terminated)
M4 6LJ (terminated)
M4 6EB (terminated)
M4 6HN (terminated)
M4 6DA (terminated)
M4 6HD (terminated)
M4 6FP (terminated)
M4 6GT (terminated)
M4 6JY (terminated)
M4 6LH (terminated)
M4 6DW (terminated)
M4 6DG (terminated)
M4 6HU (terminated)
kirby walk, M4 6HX (terminated)
, M4 6HH (terminated)
M4 6FU (terminated)
M4 6LF (terminated)
M4 6FZ (terminated)
M4 6DL (terminated)
M4 6GZ (terminated)
M4 6LL (terminated)
M4 6GU (terminated)
M4 6LE (terminated)
M4 6DJ (terminated)
M4 6HT (terminated)
M4 6GX (terminated)
M4 6HW (terminated)
M4 6JU (terminated)
M4 6GY (terminated)
M4 6HY (terminated)
M4 6GS (terminated)
M4 6AR (terminated)
M4 6HA (terminated)
M4 6JZ (terminated)
M4 6DR (terminated)
M4 6DP (terminated)
M4 6HR (terminated)
M4 6JH (terminated)
M4 6JE (terminated)
M4 6AW (terminated)
M4 6HL (terminated)
M4 6HZ (terminated)
M4 6BL (terminated)
M4 6HQ (terminated)
M4 6AU (terminated)
M4 6JR (terminated)
M4 7AE (terminated)
M4 7AD (terminated)
M4 7AR (terminated)
M4 7AP (terminated)
M4 7DF (terminated)
M4 7EW (terminated)
M4 7LA (terminated)
M4 7HT (terminated)
M4 7HU (terminated)
M4 7FS (terminated)
M4 7JX (terminated)
M4 7FG (terminated)
M4 7AG (terminated)
M4 7BE (terminated)
M4 7FW (terminated)
M4 7ES (terminated)
M4 7FP (terminated)
M4 7DH (terminated)
M4 7DX (terminated)
M4 7FQ (terminated)
M4 7DW (terminated)
M4 7EN (terminated)
M4 7FU (terminated)
M4 7ER (terminated)
M4 7AH (terminated)
M4 7FR (terminated)
M4 7HX (terminated)
M4 7AX (terminated)
M4 2DH (terminated)
M4 2DD (terminated)
M4 2BY (terminated)
M4 2DL (terminated)
M4 2HA (terminated)
M4 2DN (terminated)
M4 2BR (terminated)
M4 2BL (terminated)
M4 2DE (terminated)
M4 2HW (terminated)
M4 2AR (terminated)
M4 2AA (terminated)
M4 2AB (terminated)
M4 2BZ (terminated)
M4 2DW (terminated)
M4 2HG (terminated)
M4 2EB (terminated)
M4 2BX (terminated)
M4 2BT (terminated)
M4 2ER (terminated)
M4 1QD (terminated)
M4 1EE (terminated)
M4 1DQ (terminated)
M4 1DX (terminated)
M4 1PA (terminated)
M4 1PU (terminated)
M4 1TT (terminated)
M4 1QJ (terminated)
M4 1QE (terminated)
M4 1EP (terminated)
M4 1LL (terminated)
M4 1PS (terminated)
M4 1PG (terminated)
M4 1AH (terminated)
M4 1LH (terminated)
M4 1PL (terminated)
M4 1BT (terminated)
M4 1FG (terminated)
M4 1FU (terminated)
M4 1QH (terminated)
M4 1PX (terminated)
M4 1FP (terminated)
M4 1LB (terminated)
M4 1QA (terminated)
M4 1DT (terminated)
M4 3DD (terminated)
M4 3EA (terminated)
M4 3DH (terminated)
M4 3AR (terminated)
M4 3DZ (terminated)
M4 3BY (terminated)
M4 3EQ (terminated)
M4 3ET (terminated)
M4 3EZ (terminated)
M4 3HS (terminated)
M4 3HB (terminated)
M4 3BT (terminated)
M4 3DB (terminated)
M4 3AN (terminated)
M4 3BU (terminated)
M4 3FS (terminated)
M4 3HF (terminated)
M4 3EY (terminated)
M4 3FB (terminated)
M4 3FT (terminated)
M4 3DS (terminated)
M4 3BN (terminated)
M4 3AE (terminated)
M4 3EF (terminated)
M4 3AS (terminated)
M4 3BZ (terminated)
M4 3FP (terminated)
M4 3HD (terminated)
M4 3HW (terminated)
M4 3BW (terminated)
M4 3AW (terminated)
M4 3BP (terminated)
M4 3HT (terminated)
M4 3FX (terminated)
M4 3AX (terminated)
M4 3EU (terminated)
M4 3HN (terminated)
M4 3AF (terminated)
M4 3DT (terminated)
M4 3ER (terminated)
M4 3HE (terminated)
M4 3AP (terminated)
M4 3BQ (terminated)
M4 3DY (terminated)
M4 3AA (terminated)
M4 3EP (terminated)
M4 3EX (terminated)
ONS Administrative Info

Ancoats & Beswick


Miles Platting & Newton Heath


RegionNorth West

M4 Crime Statstics

Crime rate over the last 12 Months

Crime rate by Month


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences

M4 Property Statstics

Sold House Prices over the last 12 Months

Sold House Prices by Month

House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£394,000.00£280,000.00 - £508,000.002
Flat£168,333.33£135,000.00 - £225,000.003
Other£19,500,000.00£19,500,000.00 - £19,500,000.001
Semi-Detached£235,737.50£145,000.00 - £274,950.008
Terraced£212,375.00£115,000.00 - £550,000.005
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£299,000.00£170,000.00 - £410,000.004
Flat£201,987.50£130,000.00 - £267,000.004
Semi-Detached£222,500.00£70,000.00 - £270,000.005
Terraced£197,562.50£76,000.00 - £358,000.006
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£560,000.00£220,000.00 - £900,000.002
Flat£164,277.78£89,000.00 - £275,000.009
Semi-Detached£244,916.67£142,000.00 - £425,000.008
Terraced£324,750.00£163,000.00 - £485,000.003
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£403,546.75£119,237.00 - £554,950.004
Flat£259,011.25£75,000.00 - £550,000.0021
Other£257,500.00£200,000.00 - £315,000.002
Semi-Detached£257,562.50£130,000.00 - £480,000.0022
Terraced£167,960.23£75,000.00 - £370,000.0023
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£435,000.00£280,000.00 - £580,000.007
Flat£242,370.70£75,421.00 - £340,000.0031
Other£100,000.00£100,000.00 - £100,000.002
Semi-Detached£221,634.62£92,500.00 - £538,000.0033
Terraced£149,455.69£72,000.00 - £320,000.0028
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£409,819.64£275,000.00 - £762,500.009
Flat£231,672.33£63,000.00 - £450,000.0031
Other£105,154.25£15,617.00 - £175,000.004
Semi-Detached£238,797.27£80,000.00 - £540,000.0059
Terraced£183,311.57£78,000.00 - £455,000.0043
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£481,268.18£215,000.00 - £850,000.0016
Flat£203,363.64£55,000.00 - £650,000.0044
Other£237,500.00£120,000.00 - £350,000.006
Semi-Detached£251,321.65£120,000.00 - £510,000.0070
Terraced£192,123.20£65,000.00 - £670,000.0078
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£331,250.00£257,500.00 - £540,000.003
Flat£247,500.00£155,000.00 - £362,500.003
Semi-Detached£288,750.00£277,500.00 - £300,000.002
Terraced£255,150.00£132,500.00 - £326,800.006
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£417,125.00£190,000.00 - £930,000.004
Flat£226,852.94£64,000.00 - £550,000.0017
Other£201,489.33£2,000.00 - £850,000.004
Semi-Detached£256,815.18£125,000.00 - £426,000.0032
Terraced£178,865.94£45,000.00 - £332,500.0024
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£330,888.89£160,000.00 - £715,000.009
Flat£241,078.95£62,500.00 - £575,000.0019
Other£153,000.00£96,000.00 - £210,000.002
Semi-Detached£246,273.53£100,000.00 - £527,500.0053
Terraced£164,851.73£48,000.00 - £315,000.0036
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£375,875.00£197,000.00 - £625,000.0012
Flat£190,469.00£48,000.00 - £535,000.0026
Other£399,306.58£115,000.00 - £900,729.0011
Semi-Detached£245,448.67£105,000.00 - £585,000.0059
Terraced£190,182.35£85,000.00 - £340,000.0054
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£389,722.22£190,000.00 - £600,000.0015
Flat£206,766.40£100,000.00 - £349,950.0015
Other£275,000.00£275,000.00 - £275,000.001
Semi-Detached£248,097.65£121,700.00 - £525,000.0057
Terraced£191,138.17£90,000.00 - £675,000.0057
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£470,000.16£295,000.00 - £950,000.0016
Flat£192,944.64£35,000.00 - £400,000.0028
Other£213,500.00£3,000.00 - £602,000.006
Semi-Detached£248,331.86£80,000.00 - £616,500.0062
Terraced£189,925.62£64,000.00 - £485,000.0065
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£384,484.13£128,000.00 - £770,000.0023
Flat£182,260.61£50,000.00 - £415,000.0046
Other£297,344.44£98,000.00 - £1,749,998.0011
Semi-Detached£232,711.15£70,000.00 - £441,000.00138
Terraced£184,890.92£71,000.00 - £340,000.0097
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£398,541.67£150,000.00 - £890,000.0010
Flat£198,892.86£85,000.00 - £462,500.0014
Other£126,000.00£126,000.00 - £126,000.001
Semi-Detached£239,131.73£87,750.00 - £385,000.0040
Terraced£172,148.75£75,000.00 - £410,000.0040
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£253,250.00£180,000.00 - £318,000.004
Flat£197,611.11£115,000.00 - £328,500.009
Other£5,300,000.00£5,300,000.00 - £5,300,000.001
Semi-Detached£246,885.44£150,000.00 - £385,000.0020
Terraced£144,068.18£100,500.00 - £213,500.0015
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£390,388.89£169,000.00 - £600,000.0012
Flat£187,474.15£98,500.00 - £355,000.0031
Other£299,062.50£110,000.00 - £535,000.008
Semi-Detached£274,983.41£80,000.00 - £1,000,000.0063
Terraced£215,191.61£50,123.00 - £550,000.0063
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£365,984.62£158,000.00 - £715,000.0018
Flat£197,089.39£76,000.00 - £400,000.0033
Other£250,000.00£90,000.00 - £650,000.008
Semi-Detached£258,421.35£95,000.00 - £485,000.0085
Terraced£193,547.09£65,000.00 - £532,500.0078
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£421,464.29£236,000.00 - £800,000.0019
Flat£181,872.24£93,000.00 - £288,584.0033
Other£1,090,606.67£2,780.00 - £9,500,000.009
Semi-Detached£254,060.75£109,000.00 - £640,000.0092
Terraced£181,664.46£60,000.00 - £451,250.0087
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£393,061.85£170,000.00 - £890,000.0033
Flat£178,449.29£65,000.00 - £370,000.0049
Other£176,000.00£144,000.00 - £197,000.003
Semi-Detached£275,410.95£75,000.00 - £707,500.0095
Terraced£200,595.04£67,000.00 - £500,000.0052
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£428,697.48£188,000.00 - £960,000.0024
Flat£300,976.45£60,000.00 - £420,500.0053
Other£601,214.29£85,000.00 - £5,388,000.0011
Semi-Detached£273,911.18£125,000.00 - £672,000.0091
Terraced£182,563.89£68,000.00 - £423,000.0086
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£425,956.08£175,000.00 - £985,000.0025
Flat£191,465.26£36,500.00 - £450,000.0039
Other£293,141.67£124,000.00 - £715,000.007
Semi-Detached£261,549.02£90,000.00 - £570,000.00110
Terraced£186,901.78£40,000.00 - £459,550.0082
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£382,314.66£235,000.00 - £850,000.0026
Flat£285,416.77£100,000.00 - £430,000.0034
Other£851,985.73£90,000.00 - £5,851,143.0012
Semi-Detached£244,601.68£120,000.00 - £457,000.0095
Terraced£187,610.23£58,000.00 - £389,000.0070
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£338,725.00£176,500.00 - £650,000.0021
Flat£203,191.30£52,000.00 - £450,000.0023
Other£172,817.25£10,000.00 - £317,387.008
Semi-Detached£249,448.16£70,000.00 - £549,000.0090
Terraced£186,145.77£80,000.00 - £597,450.0069
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£383,157.72£223,995.00 - £830,000.0026
Flat£180,693.78£77,500.00 - £430,000.0045
Other£344,772.73£100,000.00 - £2,400,000.0012
Semi-Detached£266,365.07£126,000.00 - £715,000.0078
Terraced£216,097.29£55,000.00 - £485,000.0069
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£460,936.45£5,000.00 - £2,500,000.0028
Flat£174,294.12£75,000.00 - £340,000.0035
Other£325,888.10£1,800.00 - £851,000.0013
Semi-Detached£245,820.86£90,000.00 - £610,000.0091
Terraced£343,535.45£37,500.00 - £660,000.0078
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£420,046.88£143,000.00 - £760,000.0024
Flat£174,901.74£71,500.00 - £415,000.0030
Other£447,280.00£1,800.00 - £3,060,000.0015
Semi-Detached£269,264.23£110,000.00 - £575,000.0095
Terraced£210,894.14£53,000.00 - £495,000.0071
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£320,750.00£221,000.00 - £525,000.0018
Flat£281,298.45£52,000.00 - £530,000.0032
Other£4,021,938.64£20,000.00 - £50,263,641.009
Semi-Detached£257,646.89£110,000.00 - £727,500.0070
Terraced£171,504.40£70,000.00 - £375,000.0063

Mersey Drive Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good196 3-11M458LN
Ribble Drive Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good192 4-11M458TD
Heaton Park Primary SchoolPrimary, Good410 2-11M456TE
Whitefield Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good164 3-11M456DP
All Saints Church of England Primary School, StandPrimary, Good239 3-11M458PL
St Bernadette's Roman Catholic Primary School, WhitefieldPrimary, Good333 3-11M458PT
St Michael's Roman Catholic Primary School, WhitefieldPrimary, Inadequate226 3-11M458NJ
Philips High SchoolSecondary, Requires improvement883 11-16M457PH
Collyhurst Nursery SchoolNursery, Outstanding50 2-5M407QD
Abbott Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding233 3-11M407PR
Moston Fields Primary SchoolPrimary, Good423 3-11M409GJ
New Moston Primary SchoolPrimary, Good556 3-11M403QJ
St Augustine's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good223 3-11M408PL
St Wilfrid's CofE Junior and Infant SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement224 3-11M401GB
All Saints C of E Primary SchoolPrimary, Good234 3-11M401LS
Christ The King RC Primary School ManchesterPrimary, Good430 3-11M401LU
St Dunstan's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good318 3-11M409HF
St Edmund's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good222 3-11M408NG
St Malachy's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good214 3-11M407RG
St Margaret Mary's RC Primary School ManchesterPrimary, Outstanding349 3-11M400JE
St Patrick's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good187 3-11M45HF
St Mary's CofE Primary School MostonPrimary, Good235 3-11M400DF
Saviour CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good180 4-11M407RH
Camberwell Park Specialist Support SchoolSpecial, Outstanding178 3-11M409GJ
Irlam Primary SchoolPrimary, Good439 3-11M446NA
Moorfield Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement136 3-11M446GX
Fiddlers Lane Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement194 3-11M446QE
St Mary's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good225 3-11M445HG
Irlam Endowed Primary SchoolPrimary, Good242 3-11M446EE
St Teresa's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good237 3-11M445LH
St Joseph the Worker RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good220 3-11M446GX
Fairfield Road Primary SchoolPrimary, Good448 3-11M436AF
St Mary's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good222 3-11M437BR
St Stephen's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good419 3-11M437NA
Urmston Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement510 3-11M415AH
Davyhulme Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding516 3-11M410RX
Flixton Primary SchoolPrimary, Good453 4-11M415QL
Highfield Primary SchoolPrimary, Good307 3-11M419PA
Woodhouse Primary SchoolPrimary, Good235 3-11M417WW
Kingsway Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement191 3-11M410SP
St Mary's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good199 4-11M415TJ
St Michael's CofE (Aided) Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding242 3-11M416JB
English Martyrs' RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good226 3-11M415AH
St Monica's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good334 3-11M416QB
Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good233 3-11M417DS
Delamere SchoolSpecial, Outstanding115 2-11M416AP
Meadowbank Primary School & Children's CentrePrimary, Good232 3-11M460HX
Parklee Community SchoolPrimary, Good340 3-11M460AR
Hindsford CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding206 4-11M469BL
Chowbent Primary SchoolPrimary, Good172 4-11M469FP
St Michael's CofE Primary School, Howe BridgePrimary, Outstanding212 4-11M460PA
St Richard's Roman Catholic Primary School AthertonPrimary, Good177 4-11M460HA
Sacred Heart RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good177 4-11M469BN
St Philip's CofE Primary School, AthertonPrimary, Outstanding414 4-11M469FD
Laurus RyecroftSecondary, Outstanding742 11-18M437LJ
Cadishead Primary SchoolPrimary, Good348 3-11M445JD
Rowan Tree Primary SchoolSpecial, Outstanding116 4-11M469HP
St Anne's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good228 3-11M47EQ
Egerton High SchoolSpecial, Good48 11-16M417FZ
Park View Community Primary Primary, Good406 3-11M407EJ
Droylsden AcademySecondary, Good929 11-16M436QD
Manchester Communication AcademySecondary, Good1207 11-16M408NT
Urmston Grammar AcademySecondary, Good1117 11-18M415UG
Wellacre Technology AcademySecondary, Good627 11-16M416AP
Fairfield High School for GirlsSecondary, Good974 11-16M436AB
Flixton Girls SchoolSecondary, Good938 11-16M415DR
Atherton High SchoolSecondary, Requires improvement494 11-16M460AY
Briscoe Lane AcademyPrimary, Good642 3-11M402TB
Acre Hall Primary SchoolPrimary, Good318 3-11M416NA
Co-Op Academy New IslingtonPrimary, Outstanding353 4-11M46EY
Manchester Road Primary AcademyPrimary, Good371 3-11M436GD
Irlam and Cadishead AcademySecondary, Requires improvement636 11-16M445ZR
Moorside Primary SchoolPrimary, Good419 3-11M437DA
Atherton St George's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good346 2-11M460HJ
Higher Lane Primary SchoolPrimary, Good455 4-11M457EX
Co-op Academy BroadhurstPrimary, Good232 3-11M400BX
Greenside Primary SchoolPrimary, Good466 4-11M437RA
Elms BankSpecial, Outstanding302 11-19M458PJ
St Antony's Roman Catholic School, a Voluntary AcademySecondary, Inadequate648 11-16M419PD
St Matthew's RC High SchoolSecondary, Inadequate1346 11-16M400EW
Lily Lane Primary SchoolPrimary, InadequateNone 3-11M409JP
  • Betfred, M4 7HR
  • Booze 4 U, M4 4HY
  • Greggs, M4 2HU
  • Greggs, M4 3AT
  • Greggs, M4 3AQ
  • AC Hotel by Marriot, M4 5FT
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, M4 4AF
  • Hampton by Hilton Manchester Northern Quarter, M4 4HT
  • Holiday Inn Express, M4 1EH
  • Ibis Budget Pollard Street, M4 7DS
  • Beatnikz Republic Brewing Company Ltd, M4 4HF
  • The Butcher @ Urban Playground, M4 3AB
  • Afflecks & Brown, M4 1NB
  • Alvarium, M4 1LU
  • Band on the Wall, M4 5JZ
  • Arndale Deli Pancake Cafe, M4 3AH
  • Banyan, M4 3TR
  • Coffee Break, M4 3AQ
  • Croyaki Tea, M4 3TR
  • Domis Eat, M4 7DB
  • Creative Cuisine, M40
  • ChiHuoBa, M4 2BJ
  • Isit, M4 4HF
  • Christmas Gardens - Fa Meyveli Ltd, M4 3BG
  • Louis Famous Street Food, M4 1LG
  • Outdoor Provisions Limited, M4 4AH
  • Witch Kings Rum, M4 6AY
  • Açai and The Tribe, M4 3AH
  • Al-Faisal, M4 1LQ
  • Arndale Shawarma, M4 1EA
  • Boost Juice Bars, M4 2HU
  • Bun & Slice, M4 4ES
  • Little Learning Ladder, M4 6BU
  • Tiddlywinks Day Nursery, M4 7FA
  • Escape Hunt, M4 3TR
  • Hansfords Limited, M4 3AH
  • Opium Mcr, M4 7DG
  • St Georges Community Centre, M4 5HF
  • St.Josephs Mission to the Deaf Ltd., M4 4JF
  • Aldi, M4 6DE
  • Aldi, M4 3AB
  • Tesco, M4 1PN
  • Wing Yip, M4 5HU
  • Art of Honey, M4 4BF
  • The Runaway Brewery Ltd, M4 4DW
  • Ancoats Food Factory, M4 6AX
  • City of Manchester Distillery, M4 4HF
  • Co-op Academy New Islington, M4 6EY
  • St Patricks Rc Primary School, M4 5HF
  • St.Annes R C Primary School, M4 7EQ