OL1 Postcode Area Information

Avg Annual Income
Full Time Employees
Average Age

Area Overview

The postcode area is located in the Oldham, Oldham postcode town, in the North West, England region.

Electoral Wards

The postcode area covers Alexandra, Chadderton North, Coldhurst, St James', St Mary's electoral wards.

OL1 Postcode Map

OL1 Area Demographics
(from Census 2021)

The population of OL1 postcode area is 26,030. In England, the male population is 28,833,712 and the female population is 27,656,336, according to the 2021 census.

Ethnicity & Religion

According to the latest 2021 census, The main ethnicity of the people in the area is White: English, with a total of 14,497, followed by Bangladeshi, with a total of 5,180. In terms of religion, most people mentioned Christian (10,518), followed by Muslim (7,286).


As for deprivation, most of the area is deprived in one dimension (4,157), followed by at least not deprived in any dimension (3,962).

Economic Status

Most people in the nearby area mentioned they are Employee: Full-time (6,609), while 3,379 adults mentioned they are Employee: Part-time.


Regarding education, 7,213 adults have Does not apply education, while 2,884 have Level 3 education. The most common occupations are

  • Elementary occupations (1842)
  • Caring, leisure and other service occupations (1193), and
  • Skilled trades occupations (1146)


The average age of people living in area is 33 years old. The top three age distributions are: Below 14 (15583), Between 15 to 24 (9429), and Between 25 to 34 (8542).


The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population has Routine occupations (3,682) followed by Never worked and long-term unemployed (3,184), and Semi-routine occupations (2,483).

Postcodes in OL1

There are total 5 postcode sectors present in the OL1 (listed below). The postcode OL1 has a total of 1706 postcodes.

OL1 1GZ (terminated)
OL1 1HX (terminated)
OL1 1UJ (terminated)
OL1 1XG (terminated)
OL1 1WW (terminated)
OL1 1XL (terminated)
OL1 1HZ (terminated)
OL1 1BQ (terminated)
OL1 1UU (terminated)
OL1 1DT (terminated)
OL1 1XP (terminated)
OL1 1DP (terminated)
OL1 1XQ (terminated)
OL1 1JB (terminated)
OL1 1RQ (terminated)
OL1 1EY (terminated)
OL1 1EF (terminated)
OL1 1HS (terminated)
OL1 1RY (terminated)
OL1 1ND (terminated)
OL1 1BP (terminated)
OL1 1EU (terminated)
OL1 1UX (terminated)
OL1 1DH (terminated)
OL1 1FD (terminated)
OL1 1WS (terminated)
OL1 1XT (terminated)
OL1 1EL (terminated)
OL1 1DB (terminated)
OL1 1BZ (terminated)
OL1 1DR (terminated)
OL1 1EX (terminated)
OL1 1JL (terminated)
OL1 1HG (terminated)
OL1 1FF (terminated)
OL1 1JH (terminated)
OL1 1HB (terminated)
OL1 1PH (terminated)
OL1 1PE (terminated)
OL1 1NB (terminated)
OL1 1LL (terminated)
OL1 1PJ (terminated)
OL1 1RH (terminated)
OL1 1QR (terminated)
OL1 1RL (terminated)
OL1 1RS (terminated)
OL1 1RN (terminated)
OL1 1QZ (terminated)
OL1 1RJ (terminated)
OL1 1TH (terminated)
OL1 1TY (terminated)
OL1 1TL (terminated)
OL1 1SS (terminated)
OL1 1SD (terminated)
OL1 1TR (terminated)
OL1 1UR (terminated)
OL1 1XH (terminated)
OL1 1TF (terminated)
OL1 1AE (terminated)
OL1 1SL (terminated)
OL1 1QY (terminated)
OL1 1UZ (terminated)
OL1 1EQ (terminated)
OL1 1TS (terminated)
OL1 1BG (terminated)
OL1 1EE (terminated)
OL1 1RB (terminated)
OL1 1ES (terminated)
OL1 1SY (terminated)
OL1 1WY (terminated)
OL1 1NY (terminated)
OL1 1PB (terminated)
OL1 1LD (terminated)
OL1 1NS (terminated)
OL1 1AJ (terminated)
OL1 1DS (terminated)
OL1 1EB (terminated)
OL1 1DG (terminated)
OL1 1RF (terminated)
OL1 1HJ (terminated)
OL1 1NU (terminated)
OL1 1FA (terminated)
OL1 1AB (terminated)
OL1 1WZ (terminated)
OL1 1PR (terminated)
OL1 1SZ (terminated)
OL1 1WD (terminated)
OL1 1PN (terminated)
OL1 1DD (terminated)
OL1 1XN (terminated)
OL1 1BW (terminated)
OL1 1JT (terminated)
OL1 1WA (terminated)
OL1 1JY (terminated)
OL1 1HQ (terminated)
OL1 1AG (terminated)
OL1 1JU (terminated)
OL1 1JN (terminated)
OL1 1BH (terminated)
OL1 1UE (terminated)
OL1 1BY (terminated)
OL1 1EH (terminated)
OL1 1QQ (terminated)
OL1 1WQ (terminated)
OL1 1RX (terminated)
OL1 1DW (terminated)
OL1 1PP (terminated)
OL1 1TQ (terminated)
OL1 1LN (terminated)
OL1 1QF (terminated)
OL1 1UL (terminated)
OL1 1QW (terminated)
OL1 1WX (terminated)
OL1 1SW (terminated)
OL1 1NP (terminated)
OL1 1LJ (terminated)
OL1 1JE (terminated)
OL1 1HT (terminated)
OL1 1JX (terminated)
OL1 1XA (terminated)
OL1 1NX (terminated)
OL1 1QP (terminated)
OL1 1EZ (terminated)
OL1 1JR (terminated)
OL1 1PX (terminated)
OL1 1UB (terminated)
OL1 1DL (terminated)
OL1 1JP (terminated)
OL1 1UN (terminated)
OL1 1FE (terminated)
OL1 1JW (terminated)
OL1 1QD (terminated)
OL1 1DQ (terminated)
OL1 1DY (terminated)
OL1 1RE (terminated)
OL1 1UY (terminated)
OL1 1AH (terminated)
OL1 1FB (terminated)
OL1 1AF (terminated)
OL1 1XW (terminated)
OL1 1LQ (terminated)
OL1 1XR (terminated)
OL1 1HN (terminated)
OL1 1WR (terminated)
OL1 1HW (terminated)
OL1 1JS (terminated)
OL1 1BX (terminated)
OL1 1RZ (terminated)
OL1 1EJ (terminated)
OL1 1RR (terminated)
OL1 1BS (terminated)
OL1 1UG (terminated)
OL1 1LY (terminated)
OL1 1NN (terminated)
OL1 1JF (terminated)
OL1 1JJ (terminated)
OL1 1NF (terminated)
OL1 1PW (terminated)
OL1 1DA (terminated)
OL1 1UP (terminated)
OL1 1WU (terminated)
OL1 1BF (terminated)
OL1 1PD (terminated)
OL1 1PT (terminated)
OL1 1TW (terminated)
OL1 1XB (terminated)
OL1 1HR (terminated)
OL1 1SX (terminated)
OL1 1UW (terminated)
OL1 1JQ (terminated)
OL1 1RG (terminated)
OL1 1UF (terminated)
OL1 1US (terminated)
OL1 1QL (terminated)
OL1 1TN (terminated)
OL1 1QA (terminated)
OL1 1TB (terminated)
OL1 1HF (terminated)
OL1 1LA (terminated)
OL1 1XU (terminated)
OL1 1DX (terminated)
OL1 2DJ (terminated)
OL1 2DL (terminated)
OL1 2DQ (terminated)
OL1 2HB (terminated)
OL1 2FB (terminated)
OL1 2ES (terminated)
OL1 2DZ (terminated)
OL1 2LH (terminated)
OL1 2JW (terminated)
OL1 2JZ (terminated)
OL1 2LG (terminated)
OL1 2LF (terminated)
OL1 2JF (terminated)
OL1 2LU (terminated)
OL1 2ST (terminated)
OL1 2ZY (terminated)
OL1 2XZ (terminated)
OL1 2TY (terminated)
OL1 2WW (terminated)
OL1 2DW (terminated)
OL1 2AH (terminated)
OL1 2BJ (terminated)
OL1 2ER (terminated)
OL1 2LL (terminated)
OL1 2ND (terminated)
OL1 2QX (terminated)
OL1 2JY (terminated)
OL1 2HU (terminated)
OL1 2FE (terminated)
OL1 2ED (terminated)
OL1 2NQ (terminated)
OL1 2ZG (terminated)
OL1 2DX (terminated)
OL1 2ET (terminated)
OL1 2RW (terminated)
OL1 2JE (terminated)
OL1 2PZ (terminated)
OL1 2DA (terminated)
OL1 2HT (terminated)
OL1 2FA (terminated)
OL1 2FD (terminated)
OL1 2BE (terminated)
OL1 2WZ (terminated)
OL1 2FJ (terminated)
OL1 2JD (terminated)
OL1 2WY (terminated)
OL1 2DS (terminated)
OL1 2GA (terminated)
OL1 2JA (terminated)
OL1 2WU (terminated)
OL1 2LN (terminated)
OL1 2LT (terminated)
OL1 2EX (terminated)
OL1 2HS (terminated)
OL1 2AZ (terminated)
OL1 2DH (terminated)
OL1 2EU (terminated)
OL1 2TA (terminated)
OL1 2SE (terminated)
OL1 2DG (terminated)
OL1 2LB (terminated)
OL1 2RS (terminated)
OL1 3FJ (terminated)
OL1 3YR (terminated)
OL1 3FD (terminated)
OL1 3PP (terminated)
OL1 3AX (terminated)
OL1 3NT (terminated)
OL1 3WZ (terminated)
OL1 3AH (terminated)
OL1 3AF (terminated)
OL1 3BT (terminated)
OL1 3BH (terminated)
OL1 3BU (terminated)
OL1 3BF (terminated)
OL1 3BN (terminated)
OL1 3AY (terminated)
OL1 3DZ (terminated)
OL1 3GX (terminated)
OL1 3FY (terminated)
OL1 3FN (terminated)
OL1 3DY (terminated)
OL1 3FB (terminated)
OL1 3FA (terminated)
OL1 3FH (terminated)
OL1 3DW (terminated)
OL1 3LB (terminated)
OL1 3JF (terminated)
OL1 3HG (terminated)
OL1 3LH (terminated)
OL1 3NA (terminated)
OL1 3PU (terminated)
OL1 3PB (terminated)
OL1 3PE (terminated)
OL1 3PL (terminated)
OL1 3PT (terminated)
OL1 3PD (terminated)
OL1 3QX (terminated)
OL1 3QD (terminated)
OL1 3QP (terminated)
OL1 3SJ (terminated)
OL1 3TE (terminated)
OL1 3TB (terminated)
OL1 3UN (terminated)
OL1 3UA (terminated)
OL1 3WY (terminated)
OL1 3YW (terminated)
OL1 3XL (terminated)
OL1 3DX (terminated)
OL1 3TW (terminated)
OL1 3HN (terminated)
OL1 3TN (terminated)
OL1 3TP (terminated)
OL1 3QG (terminated)
OL1 3ND (terminated)
OL1 3QZ (terminated)
OL1 3SB (terminated)
OL1 3WW (terminated)
OL1 3HA (terminated)
OL1 3HX (terminated)
OL1 3HH (terminated)
OL1 3GY (terminated)
OL1 3LP (terminated)
OL1 3BD (terminated)
OL1 3LE (terminated)
OL1 3AL (terminated)
OL1 3SP (terminated)
OL1 3LW (terminated)
OL1 3SF (terminated)
OL1 3NW (terminated)
OL1 3FF (terminated)
OL1 3NF (terminated)
OL1 3GZ (terminated)
OL1 3XF (terminated)
OL1 3FP (terminated)
OL1 3HU (terminated)
OL1 3TT (terminated)
OL1 3PN (terminated)
OL1 3AS (terminated)
OL1 3TS (terminated)
OL1 3SD (terminated)
OL1 3FQ (terminated)
OL1 3NX (terminated)
OL1 3FL (terminated)
OL1 3PZ (terminated)
OL1 3FG (terminated)
OL1 3HT (terminated)
OL1 3SA (terminated)
OL1 3TA (terminated)
OL1 3TX (terminated)
OL1 3LR (terminated)
shaw road, OL1 3HJ (terminated)
OL1 3RD (terminated)
OL1 3UG (terminated)
OL1 3TY (terminated)
OL1 3XJ (terminated)
OL1 3RA (terminated)
OL1 3AR (terminated)
OL1 3SR (terminated)
OL1 3ED (terminated)
OL1 3SS (terminated)
OL1 3NZ (terminated)
OL1 3FE (terminated)
OL1 3JE (terminated)
OL1 3AD (terminated)
OL1 3DU (terminated)
OL1 3QS (terminated)
OL1 3BJ (terminated)
OL1 3JQ (terminated)
OL1 3AQ (terminated)
OL1 3WX (terminated)
OL1 3LU (terminated)
OL1 3BL (terminated)
OL1 3BW (terminated)
OL1 3SN (terminated)
OL1 3XQ (terminated)
OL1 3TJ (terminated)
OL1 3QY (terminated)
OL1 3YU (terminated)
OL1 3DN (terminated)
OL1 3PR (terminated)
OL1 3UU (terminated)
OL1 9DW (terminated)
OL1 9EP (terminated)
OL1 9PA (terminated)
OL1 9JG (terminated)
OL1 9GT (terminated)
OL1 9LN (terminated)
OL1 9HJ (terminated)
OL1 9GZ (terminated)
OL1 9NE (terminated)
OL1 9BZ (terminated)
OL1 9FE (terminated)
OL1 9HA (terminated)
OL1 9LT (terminated)
OL1 9HB (terminated)
OL1 9PN (terminated)
OL1 9NG (terminated)
OL1 9LQ (terminated)
OL1 9HW (terminated)
OL1 9EH (terminated)
OL1 9LX (terminated)
OL1 9JT (terminated)
OL1 9JN (terminated)
OL1 9RS (terminated)
OL1 9NL (terminated)
OL1 9EA (terminated)
OL1 9JQ (terminated)
OL1 9DD (terminated)
OL1 9DX (terminated)
OL1 9HG (terminated)
OL1 9LY (terminated)
OL1 9RZ (terminated)
OL1 9NR (terminated)
OL1 9PG (terminated)
OL1 9FP (terminated)
OL1 9JF (terminated)
OL1 9NY (terminated)
OL1 9RP (terminated)
OL1 9FS (terminated)
OL1 9GB (terminated)
OL1 9PZ (terminated)
OL1 9BY (terminated)
OL1 9JR (terminated)
OL1 9AB (terminated)
OL1 9ND (terminated)
OL1 9GX (terminated)
OL1 9LR (terminated)
OL1 9FB (terminated)
OL1 9FG (terminated)
OL1 9FT (terminated)
OL1 9NF (terminated)
OL1 9DB (terminated)
OL1 9PJ (terminated)
OL1 9BT (terminated)
OL1 9EF (terminated)
OL1 9RY (terminated)
OL1 9BA (terminated)
OL1 9DZ (terminated)
OL1 9NP (terminated)
OL1 9LA (terminated)
OL1 9GY (terminated)
OL1 9RA (terminated)
OL1 9DS (terminated)
OL1 9NN (terminated)
OL1 9HE (terminated)
OL1 9AD (terminated)
OL1 9JW (terminated)
OL1 9BR (terminated)
OL1 9LE (terminated)
OL1 9GR (terminated)
OL1 9GH (terminated)
OL1 9FA (terminated)
OL1 9RJ (terminated)
OL1 9AQ (terminated)
OL1 9DJ (terminated)
OL1 9JZ (terminated)
OL1 9NZ (terminated)
OL1 9LD (terminated)
OL1 9PT (terminated)
OL1 9BN (terminated)
OL1 9DF (terminated)
OL1 9QF (terminated)
OL1 9QQ (terminated)
OL1 9GE (terminated)
OL1 9AA (terminated)
OL1 9AE (terminated)
OL1 9TL (terminated)
OL1 9TJ (terminated)
OL1 9TG (terminated)
OL1 9GD (terminated)
OL1 9GJ (terminated)
OL1 9EY (terminated)
OL1 9RB (terminated)
OL1 9QP (terminated)
OL1 9FU (terminated)
OL1 9JP (terminated)
OL1 9JX (terminated)
OL1 9EJ (terminated)
OL1 9PB (terminated)
OL1 9LF (terminated)
OL1 9JU (terminated)
OL1 9LG (terminated)
OL1 9NU (terminated)
OL1 9AH (terminated)
OL1 9NJ (terminated)
OL1 9ES (terminated)
OL1 9EN (terminated)
OL1 9QU (terminated)
OL1 9DA (terminated)
OL1 9BD (terminated)
OL1 9EG (terminated)
OL1 9JB (terminated)
OL1 9AU (terminated)
OL1 9LZ (terminated)
OL1 9BS (terminated)
OL1 9FJ (terminated)
OL1 9PL (terminated)
OL1 9NW (terminated)
OL1 9AP (terminated)
OL1 9HU (terminated)
OL1 9EX (terminated)
OL1 9FD (terminated)
OL1 9LL (terminated)
OL1 9PR (terminated)
OL1 9AN (terminated)
OL1 9QZ (terminated)
OL1 9NT (terminated)
OL1 9AF (terminated)
OL1 9RT (terminated)
OL1 9AT (terminated)
OL1 9EE (terminated)
OL1 9AX (terminated)
OL1 9PF (terminated)
OL1 9DP (terminated)
OL1 9RH (terminated)
OL1 9AG (terminated)
OL1 9LS (terminated)
OL1 9HZ (terminated)
OL1 9RE (terminated)
OL1 9PP (terminated)
OL1 9BE (terminated)
OL1 9BG (terminated)
OL1 9LJ (terminated)
OL1 9JJ (terminated)
OL1 9BQ (terminated)
OL1 9FL (terminated)
OL1 9BJ (terminated)
OL1 9BF (terminated)
OL1 9GS (terminated)
OL1 9NS (terminated)
OL1 9HQ (terminated)
OL1 9JA (terminated)
OL1 9HP (terminated)
OL1 9PX (terminated)
OL1 9DL (terminated)
OL1 9NX (terminated)
OL1 9LB (terminated)
OL1 9FH (terminated)
OL1 9HS (terminated)
OL1 9BH (terminated)
OL1 9EZ (terminated)
OL1 9JS (terminated)
OL1 9QB (terminated)
OL1 9GN (terminated)
OL1 9DR (terminated)
OL1 9PS (terminated)
OL1 9HY (terminated)
OL1 9FF (terminated)
OL1 9AY (terminated)
OL1 9HT (terminated)
OL1 9DG (terminated)
OL1 9DT (terminated)
OL1 9FR (terminated)
OL1 9RG (terminated)
OL1 9QW (terminated)
OL1 9LW (terminated)
OL1 9GA (terminated)
OL1 9DH (terminated)
OL1 9EQ (terminated)
OL1 9BW (terminated)
OL1 9AJ (terminated)
OL1 9GQ (terminated)
OL1 9DU (terminated)
OL1 9AL (terminated)
OL1 9BL (terminated)
OL1 9QJ (terminated)
OL1 9JL (terminated)
OL1 9HD (terminated)
OL1 9JE (terminated)
OL1 9GG (terminated)
OL1 9AW (terminated)
OL1 9QD (terminated)
OL1 9AZ (terminated)
OL1 9PD (terminated)
OL1 9TF (terminated)
OL1 9EW (terminated)
OL1 9LH (terminated)
OL1 9AR (terminated)
OL1 9ET (terminated)
OL1 9GP (terminated)
OL1 9JH (terminated)
OL1 9LU (terminated)
OL1 9ED (terminated)
OL1 9DY (terminated)
OL1 9EU (terminated)
OL1 9DE (terminated)
OL1 9BX (terminated)
OL1 9AS (terminated)
OL1 9HH (terminated)
OL1 9BP (terminated)
OL1 9RQ (terminated)
OL1 9HR (terminated)
OL1 9GU (terminated)
OL1 9BB (terminated)
OL1 9BU (terminated)
OL1 9DN (terminated)
OL1 9QY (terminated)
OL1 9PE (terminated)
OL1 9GL (terminated)
OL1 9RD (terminated)
OL1 9FN (terminated)
OL1 9GF (terminated)
OL1 9PW (terminated)
OL1 9RX (terminated)
OL1 9HF (terminated)
OL1 9QX (terminated)
OL1 9EL (terminated)
OL1 9GW (terminated)
OL1 9QS (terminated)
OL1 9ER (terminated)
OL1 4ED (terminated)
OL1 4WZ (terminated)
OL1 4WS (terminated)
OL1 4AF (terminated)
OL1 4AY (terminated)
OL1 4BD (terminated)
OL1 4AJ (terminated)
OL1 4BF (terminated)
OL1 4FD (terminated)
OL1 4FJ (terminated)
OL1 4FB (terminated)
OL1 4EU (terminated)
OL1 4SB (terminated)
OL1 4WW (terminated)
OL1 4WY (terminated)
OL1 4WB (terminated)
OL1 4AL (terminated)
OL1 4QL (terminated)
OL1 4WT (terminated)
OL1 4FF (terminated)
OL1 4BB (terminated)
OL1 4WU (terminated)
OL1 4RG (terminated)
OL1 4JY (terminated)
OL1 4GZ (terminated)
OL1 4FE (terminated)
OL1 4FA (terminated)
OL1 4SH (terminated)
OL1 4AQ (terminated)
OL1 4LB (terminated)
OL1 4EJ (terminated)
OL1 4BZ (terminated)
OL1 4WX (terminated)
OL1 4WA (terminated)
ONS Administrative Info


Chadderton North


St James'

St Mary's

RegionNorth West

OL1 Crime Statstics

Crime rate over the last 12 Months

Crime rate by Month


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Other crime


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences

OL1 Property Statstics

Sold House Prices over the last 12 Months

Sold House Prices by Month

House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£425,892.86£210,000.00 - £1,500,000.009
Flat£103,750.00£85,000.00 - £122,500.002
Other£3,425,714.29£480,000.00 - £4,410,000.007
Semi-Detached£179,408.33£135,000.00 - £255,000.0011
Terraced£133,123.33£75,000.00 - £200,000.0019
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£480,000.00£360,000.00 - £540,000.003
Flat£113,666.67£85,000.00 - £146,000.003
Other£290,000.00£290,000.00 - £290,000.001
Semi-Detached£148,125.00£110,000.00 - £184,500.004
Terraced£140,385.42£67,500.00 - £260,000.0018
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Flat£90,333.33£58,000.00 - £128,000.003
Semi-Detached£123,625.00£107,250.00 - £140,000.002
Terraced£136,250.00£50,000.00 - £237,000.009
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£396,875.00£204,000.00 - £700,000.009
Flat£110,333.33£78,000.00 - £162,000.003
Other£235,000.00£60,000.00 - £800,000.004
Semi-Detached£193,611.11£70,000.00 - £312,500.0017
Terraced£134,629.06£50,000.00 - £275,000.0056
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£355,846.15£268,000.00 - £530,000.0017
Flat£113,571.43£82,000.00 - £215,000.007
Other£1,393,523.81£123,000.00 - £4,800,000.0010
Semi-Detached£204,791.67£130,000.00 - £320,000.0021
Terraced£138,157.05£65,000.00 - £252,000.0049
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£364,219.12£145,200.00 - £1,195,000.0029
Flat£98,456.25£65,000.00 - £120,000.008
Other£149,916.67£2,000.00 - £300,000.0014
Semi-Detached£211,684.72£100,000.00 - £775,000.0038
Terraced£150,070.01£53,000.00 - £360,000.0092
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£343,224.55£135,000.00 - £855,000.0043
Flat£107,590.91£65,000.00 - £181,000.0011
Other£216,262.33£1,432.00 - £430,000.0013
Semi-Detached£202,426.44£70,000.00 - £465,000.0090
Terraced£134,428.22£35,000.00 - £315,000.00145
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£315,000.00£130,000.00 - £410,000.003
Other£32,500.00£10,000.00 - £55,000.002
Semi-Detached£211,562.50£160,000.00 - £367,500.005
Terraced£128,750.00£75,000.00 - £215,000.0012
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£357,612.00£220,000.00 - £540,000.0015
Flat£121,500.00£75,000.00 - £185,000.007
Other£348,875.00£115,000.00 - £750,000.006
Semi-Detached£209,246.79£92,500.00 - £440,000.0025
Terraced£145,042.34£55,000.00 - £450,000.0070
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£346,008.52£150,000.00 - £595,000.0019
Flat£113,833.33£90,000.00 - £145,000.006
Other£351,000.00£70,000.00 - £910,000.005
Semi-Detached£199,522.42£100,000.00 - £327,000.0048
Terraced£139,167.45£55,000.00 - £265,100.0075
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£329,660.71£160,000.00 - £720,000.0023
Flat£189,187.50£73,000.00 - £700,000.008
Other£222,783.33£80,000.00 - £665,000.008
Semi-Detached£188,860.15£78,000.00 - £310,000.0056
Terraced£137,203.59£52,000.00 - £366,500.0079
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£303,381.94£160,000.00 - £725,000.0021
Flat£127,200.00£65,000.00 - £240,000.005
Other£289,733.15£68,000.00 - £875,000.0013
Semi-Detached£188,225.00£90,000.00 - £300,000.0049
Terraced£140,275.43£50,000.00 - £320,000.0078
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£369,155.38£196,800.00 - £730,000.0018
Flat£88,357.14£58,000.00 - £135,000.007
Other£211,713.10£2,500.00 - £750,000.0012
Semi-Detached£186,298.91£98,000.00 - £335,000.0046
Terraced£130,970.16£35,000.00 - £350,000.00100
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£328,221.05£115,000.00 - £725,000.0067
Flat£104,590.00£73,000.00 - £125,000.0010
Other£477,145.45£35,000.00 - £2,650,000.0021
Semi-Detached£182,435.71£60,000.00 - £445,000.00121
Terraced£137,534.93£39,000.00 - £333,000.00166
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£311,740.91£131,000.00 - £600,000.0027
Flat£149,500.00£147,000.00 - £152,000.002
Other£170,166.67£76,000.00 - £280,000.005
Semi-Detached£191,490.13£77,500.00 - £299,150.0039
Terraced£129,381.12£58,000.00 - £300,000.0068
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£440,000.00£440,000.00 - £440,000.001
Flat£130,666.67£110,000.00 - £150,000.003
Other£531,800.00£530,000.00 - £533,600.002
Semi-Detached£169,333.33£93,000.00 - £260,000.0013
Terraced£130,646.88£83,300.00 - £192,000.0020
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£352,169.75£188,000.00 - £530,000.0031
Flat£101,617.65£35,000.00 - £172,000.0018
Other£249,841.67£85,000.00 - £370,000.006
Semi-Detached£211,188.74£80,000.00 - £580,000.0060
Terraced£141,741.02£60,000.00 - £390,000.00114
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£372,418.01£175,000.00 - £1,148,175.0041
Flat£237,300.00£49,000.00 - £379,950.0011
Other£250,642.86£70,000.00 - £540,000.0010
Semi-Detached£199,623.24£66,000.00 - £490,000.0065
Terraced£141,341.33£49,000.00 - £290,000.0099
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£319,510.33£145,000.00 - £595,000.0038
Flat£109,346.43£39,750.00 - £230,000.0014
Other£261,637.73£155.00 - £1,650,000.0018
Semi-Detached£207,583.53£83,000.00 - £545,000.0064
Terraced£150,326.71£55,000.00 - £360,000.00142
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£297,083.23£145,000.00 - £928,000.0052
Flat£121,750.00£67,000.00 - £193,000.0012
Other£370,512.50£70,000.00 - £1,650,000.0018
Semi-Detached£203,302.64£60,000.00 - £400,000.0090
Terraced£140,165.30£53,000.00 - £295,000.00135
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£296,680.52£180,000.00 - £800,000.0050
Flat£110,083.33£50,000.00 - £260,000.0013
Other£437,372.75£850.00 - £3,200,000.0010
Semi-Detached£199,692.87£108,000.00 - £600,000.0088
Terraced£147,703.45£43,000.00 - £410,000.00125
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£358,829.43£153,000.00 - £725,000.0055
Flat£123,640.62£62,500.00 - £355,000.0017
Other£390,010.42£40,000.00 - £1,900,000.0017
Semi-Detached£195,199.63£75,000.00 - £430,000.0090
Terraced£132,983.39£33,000.00 - £325,000.00148
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£301,202.52£130,000.00 - £595,000.0051
Flat£110,200.00£92,000.00 - £133,000.005
Other£514,487.37£15,000.00 - £3,650,000.0020
Semi-Detached£183,926.71£70,000.00 - £385,000.0076
Terraced£131,144.63£35,250.00 - £358,000.00135
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£371,874.52£160,000.00 - £800,000.0041
Flat£235,886.74£57,864.00 - £630,000.0021
Other£255,007.44£750.00 - £1,250,000.0016
Semi-Detached£186,254.54£60,000.00 - £325,000.0079
Terraced£122,605.19£49,995.00 - £250,000.00120
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£318,879.50£137,018.00 - £750,000.0049
Flat£104,587.50£59,000.00 - £177,000.008
Other£292,687.27£726.00 - £1,200,000.0021
Semi-Detached£196,086.08£81,000.00 - £725,000.0087
Terraced£164,038.75£54,000.00 - £370,000.00153
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£333,771.31£140,000.00 - £750,000.0051
Flat£106,753.29£75,000.00 - £192,500.0014
Other£307,717.19£9,000.00 - £1,595,000.0021
Semi-Detached£182,082.47£67,000.00 - £352,000.0076
Terraced£130,286.78£42,000.00 - £489,000.00191
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£345,190.02£126,000.00 - £700,000.0044
Flat£279,453.85£43,000.00 - £449,950.0014
Other£333,035.12£800.00 - £1,875,000.0019
Semi-Detached£182,872.62£56,500.00 - £360,000.0061
Terraced£122,247.19£50,000.00 - £320,000.00120
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£379,538.01£170,000.00 - £860,000.0028
Flat£106,570.42£48,500.00 - £146,000.0014
Other£457,106.20£492.00 - £1,433,789.0020
Semi-Detached£192,545.00£75,000.00 - £550,000.0051
Terraced£130,527.33£38,000.00 - £375,000.00107

Beever Primary SchoolPrimary, Good231 3-11OL13QU
St Thomas Moorside CofE (VA) Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding226 3-11OL14RL
St Hilda's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement392 3-11OL12HJ
Howard Street Nursery SchoolNursery, Good75 2-4OL120PP
Brimrod Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good222 3-11OL114NB
Castleton Primary SchoolPrimary, Good325 3-11OL112QD
Shawclough Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good464 2-11OL126DE
Greenbank Primary SchoolPrimary, Good455 3-11OL120HZ
Heybrook Primary SchoolPrimary, Good714 2-11OL129BJ
Meanwood Community Nursery and Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement382 3-11OL127DJ
Norden Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good424 3-11OL127RQ
Spotland Primary SchoolPrimary, Good439 3-11OL126QG
Lowerplace Primary SchoolPrimary, Good492 4-11OL164UU
Marland Hill Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good461 3-11OL114QW
Caldershaw Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding236 3-11OL127QL
Belfield Community SchoolPrimary, Good393 3-11OL162XW
Whittaker Moss Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding420 3-11OL115XP
Ashfield Valley Primary SchoolPrimary, Good235 3-11OL111TA
Littleborough Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good380 3-11OL159HW
Newhey Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good296 3-11OL164JX
Harwood Park Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement355 3-11OL101DG
Hopwood Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding418 4-11OL102HN
Hamer Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good343 3-11OL162SU
St Edward's Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good365 4-11OL113AR
St Peter's Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good458 3-11OL165JQ
St Mary's Church of England Primary School, BalderstonePrimary, Good208 5-11OL112HB
St Luke's Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good372 4-11OL104XB
Stansfield Hall Church of England / Methodist Church Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement128 5-11OL159PR
All Souls Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding235 3-11OL104DF
St Michael's Church of England Primary School, BamfordPrimary, Outstanding224 3-11OL104BB
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good218 4-11OL159DB
St Margaret's Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good209 4-11OL103RD
St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School, LittleboroughPrimary, Good222 3-11OL158DU
Milnrow Parish Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good202 4-11OL163JT
St Thomas' Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good152 5-11OL163QZ
St Gabriel's Roman Catholic Primary School, RochdalePrimary, Good196 5-11OL112TN
St John's Roman Catholic Primary School, RochdalePrimary, Good221 3-11OL111EZ
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School RochdalePrimary, Good234 3-11OL164AW
All Saints Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good231 3-11OL120EL
Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School, RochdalePrimary, Good236 3-11OL112DA
St Vincent's Roman Catholic Primary School, RochdalePrimary, Good388 4-11OL127QL
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School, RochdalePrimary, Good412 4-11OL102AA
Falinge Park High SchoolSecondary, Good1357 11-16OL126LD
St Cuthbert's RC High SchoolSecondary, Requires improvement1127 11-16OL164RX
Crossgates Primary SchoolPrimary, Good315 4-11OL163HB
Smithy Bridge Foundation Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding442 3-11OL150ES
Healey Foundation Primary SchoolPrimary, Good204 4-11OL120ST
Brownhill SchoolSpecial, Good84 4-16OL120PZ
Springside Special, Good119 3-11OL162SU
Ferney Lee Primary SchoolPrimary, Good204 3-11OL145NR
Castle Hill Primary SchoolPrimary, Good204 3-11OL145SQ
Cornholme Junior, Infant and Nursery SchoolPrimary, Good178 3-11OL148PL
Shade Primary SchoolPrimary, Good198 3-11OL147PD
Todmorden CofE J, I & N SchoolPrimary, Good251 2-11OL147BS
Todmorden High SchoolSecondary, Good890 11-16OL147DG
The Brian Clarke Church of England AcademySecondary, Not RatedNone 11-16OL13SQ
Bacup Nursery SchoolNursery, Outstanding103 2-5OL138EF
Britannia Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good212 4-11OL139TS
Northern Primary SchoolPrimary, Good193 5-11OL138PH
Bacup St Saviour's Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good103 4-11OL139RR
Sharneyford Primary SchoolPrimary, Good66 4-11OL139UQ
Bacup Thorn Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding283 4-11OL138EF
Tonacliffe Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding334 3-11OL128SS
St Bartholomew's Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good151 4-11OL128TL
Bacup Holy Trinity Stacksteads Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding269 3-11OL130QW
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School, Stacksteads, BacupPrimary, Good125 3-11OL138LD
Whitworth Community High SchoolSecondary, Good646 11-16OL128TS
Our Lady and St Anselm's Roman Catholic Primary School, WhitworthPrimary, Outstanding203 4-11OL128DB
Edgar Wood AcademySecondary, Not Rated111 11-16OL102QN
Holy Family Roman Catholic and Church of England CollegeSecondary, Good750 11-16OL102AA
Rochdale Pupil Referral ServicePRU, Good97 5-16OL162XW
Broadfield Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement401 3-11OL161QT
Kingsland SchoolPRU, Good37 10-16OL14HX
Woodland Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good507 4-11OL103BX
RedwoodSpecial, Good327 11-19OL115EW
Holy Cross Ceva Primary SchoolPrimary, Good447 3-11OL13EZ
Walsden St Peter's CE (VC) Primary SchoolPrimary, Good168 4-11OL146RN
Hodge Clough Primary SchoolPrimary, Good464 3-11OL14JX
St. Theresa's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good212 3-11OL14NA
The Blue Coat CofE SchoolSecondary, Outstanding1683 11-18OL13SQ
Bamford AcademyPrimary, Good330 4-11OL115PS
Wardle AcademySecondary, Good1247 11-16OL129RD
Hollingworth AcademySecondary, Good1325 11-16OL163DR
Deeplish Primary AcademyPrimary, Good463 3-11OL111LT
Kentmere Primary AcademyPrimary, Outstanding352 3-11OL129EE
Mayfield Primary SchoolPrimary, Good297 3-11OL14LG
Woodlands Primary AcademyPrimary, Good351 2-11OL14HU
Willowpark Primary AcademyPrimary, Good243 2-11OL14LJ
St James' Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, Good204 4-11OL129JW
St Andrew's Church of England Primary School and NurseryPrimary, Good445 3-11OL129QA
St Patrick's Roman Catholic Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding306 4-11OL120ET
Alice Ingham Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary AcademyPrimary, Requires improvement153 5-11OL162NU
The Valley Leadership AcademySecondary, Inadequate525 11-16OL130TG
Matthew Moss High SchoolSecondary, Good1125 11-16OL113LU
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Voluntary AcademyPrimary, Requires improvement154 3-11OL145HP
St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary AcademyPrimary, Good177 3-11OL139LJ
Newhouse AcademySecondary, Inadequate963 11-16OL102NT
Our Lady & St Paul's RC Primary School, A Voluntary AcademyPrimary, Inadequate198 3-11OL103PD
Moorhouse AcademyPrimary, Inadequate238 3-11OL164DR
St John With St Michael Church of England Primary SchoolPrimary, GoodNone 3-11OL128EP
Kingsway Park High SchoolSecondary, GoodNone 11-16OL164XA
Oulder Hill Leadership AcademySecondary, InadequateNone 11-16OL115EF
Sandbrook Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvementNone 3-11OL112LR
The Springboard ProjectSpecial, Not Rated54 14-19OL11AN
  • Lloyds Pharmacy, OL1 1NL
  • R M A Newsagent, OL1 4RJ
  • Body Matters Gym Ltd, OL104AG
  • Boots UK Ltd, OL1 1XD
  • Fast Food Corner (Halal), OL1 3BG
  • Fox and Pine, OL1 1AD
  • Grains Bar Hotel, OL1 4SX
  • Clayton Green Brewers Fayre, OL1 2PH
  • Ashton Arms, OL1 1PL
  • Bear On The Hill, OL1 3PA
  • Boltmakers Rest, OL1 3EX
  • Buck & Union, OL1 1BE
  • Costa Coffee, OL1 1XD
  • Total Fitness, OL1 3PL
  • Asia Thai Corner, OL1 4EA
  • The Pavillion, OL150AS
  • The Plaice to Eat, OL101LT
  • Aldi, OL164GJ
  • Iceland, OL165AF
  • B & M Retail Ltd, OL1 5GA
  • Co-operative Food, OL1 4JN
  • Home Bargains, OL1 3AB
  • Heywood Fish Bar, OL101LT
  • Papa Johns, OL126XT
  • Hustle Burger Oldham Ltd, OL1 2HQ
  • Route 78, OL1 1SR
  • Al Fayyaz Ltd., OL1 1TD
  • Al Amin Cash and Carry, OL1 2PX
  • Mushtaq Cash & Carry, OL1 2BQ
  • Age UK Oldham Selina House Day Care, OL1 2DP
  • Ambrose Nook Nursery, OL1 4HJ
  • Appledore Private Day Nursery Ltd, OL1 3US
  • Avonleigh Gardens Residential Home, OL1 4HE
  • Blue Bells Day Care Centre, OL1 4SQ
  • Carter's Catering, OL1 2QL
  • ShawShack, OL1 3HZ
  • Blue Coat School, OL1 3SQ
  • Hodge Clough Infant & Nursery School, OL1 4JW
  • Hodge Clough Junior School, OL1 4JX
  • Holy Cross Infant School, OL1 3EZ
  • Holy Cross Junior School, OL1 2PY
  • Blaineys Bakery Ltd, OL1 3NP
  • Beever Children's Centre, OL1 3QU
  • British Red Cross, OL1 1BT
  • East Oldham Methodist Church, OL1 4HR
  • Oldham Athletic AFC, OL1 2PB
  • Oldham Athletic Football Club, OL1 2PB