OL2 Postcode Area Information

Avg Annual Income
Full Time Employees
Average Age

Area Overview

The postcode area is located in the Oldham, Oldham postcode town, in the North West, England region.

A Major part of this postcode area describes a peaceful and established community known for:

  • Stable families: Many residents are married, born in the UK, and identify as Christian. They tend to be a bit older, with a larger population between 65 and 84.
  • Long-term residents: Most people live in detached houses and have stayed in the area for a while, suggesting a settled and close-knit community.
  • Caring spirit: Residents are more likely to volunteer and provide unpaid care to others, highlighting a strong sense of community support.

It's important to note that this description generalizes the area and individual experiences may vary.

Electoral Wards

The postcode area covers Crompton, Royton North, Royton South, Shaw electoral wards.

OL2 Postcode Map

OL2 Area Demographics
(from Census 2021)

The population of OL2 postcode area is 41,079. In England, the male population is 28,833,712 and the female population is 27,656,336, according to the 2021 census.

Ethnicity & Religion

According to the latest 2021 census, The main ethnicity of the people in the area is White: English, with a total of 36,985, followed by Bangladeshi, with a total of 1,022. In terms of religion, most people mentioned Christian (25,498), followed by No religion (11,713).


As for deprivation, most of the area is not deprived in any dimension (8,476), followed by at least deprived in one dimension (6,412).

Economic Status

Most people in the nearby area mentioned they are Employee: Full-time (12,162), while 9,341 adults mentioned they are Retired.


Regarding education, 8,801 adults have Level 4 education, while 6,245 have Level 3 education. The most common occupations are

  • Professional occupations (3166)
  • Associate professional and technical occupations (2464), and
  • Skilled trades occupations (2299)


The average age of people living in area is 44 years old. The top three age distributions are: Below 14 (6717), Between 55 to 64 (5847), and Between 45 to 54 (5634).


The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population has Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations (7,074) followed by Routine occupations (4,912), and Intermediate occupations (4,845).

Postcodes in OL2

There are total 4 postcode sectors present in the OL2 (listed below). The postcode OL2 has a total of 1187 postcodes.

OL2 6DW (terminated)
OL2 6BX (terminated)
OL2 6FE (terminated)
OL2 6FP (terminated)
OL2 6FA (terminated)
OL2 6GZ (terminated)
OL2 6FD (terminated)
OL2 6HJ (terminated)
OL2 6PJ (terminated)
OL2 6PL (terminated)
OL2 6RP (terminated)
OL2 6UB (terminated)
OL2 6SA (terminated)
OL2 6RX (terminated)
OL2 6WZ (terminated)
OL2 6WB (terminated)
OL2 6XJ (terminated)
OL2 6WF (terminated)
OL2 6WN (terminated)
OL2 6WT (terminated)
OL2 6YF (terminated)
OL2 6ZY (terminated)
OL2 6YZ (terminated)
OL2 6TG (terminated)
OL2 6FZ (terminated)
OL2 6ZL (terminated)
OL2 6FJ (terminated)
OL2 6FQ (terminated)
OL2 6SB (terminated)
OL2 6BF (terminated)
OL2 6WY (terminated)
OL2 6UN (terminated)
OL2 6FR (terminated)
OL2 6FL (terminated)
OL2 6QY (terminated)
OL2 6RY (terminated)
OL2 6DQ (terminated)
OL2 6FS (terminated)
OL2 6WR (terminated)
OL2 6WE (terminated)
OL2 6FX (terminated)
OL2 6QB (terminated)
OL2 6FN (terminated)
OL2 6FF (terminated)
OL2 6QH (terminated)
OL2 6DB (terminated)
OL2 6WD (terminated)
OL2 6FB (terminated)
OL2 6FH (terminated)
OL2 6ZW (terminated)
OL2 6HY (terminated)
OL2 6WP (terminated)
OL2 6WG (terminated)
OL2 6FG (terminated)
OL2 6XL (terminated)
OL2 6ZE (terminated)
OL2 6DG (terminated)
OL2 6HH (terminated)
OL2 6HP (terminated)
OL2 6WU (terminated)
OL2 6DT (terminated)
OL2 6WS (terminated)
OL2 6WQ (terminated)
OL2 6WW (terminated)
OL2 5BZ (terminated)
OL2 5HS (terminated)
OL2 5FE (terminated)
OL2 5JZ (terminated)
OL2 5JA (terminated)
OL2 5JH (terminated)
OL2 5JB (terminated)
OL2 5LH (terminated)
OL2 5HZ (terminated)
OL2 5LR (terminated)
OL2 5PD (terminated)
OL2 5NZ (terminated)
OL2 5QN (terminated)
OL2 5NL (terminated)
OL2 5RL (terminated)
OL2 5WX (terminated)
OL2 5UL (terminated)
OL2 5WS (terminated)
OL2 5XN (terminated)
OL2 5XF (terminated)
OL2 5ZY (terminated)
OL2 5XE (terminated)
OL2 5WZ (terminated)
OL2 5JG (terminated)
OL2 5RE (terminated)
OL2 5ET (terminated)
OL2 5XL (terminated)
OL2 5PZ (terminated)
OL2 5JF (terminated)
OL2 5YY (terminated)
OL2 5WW (terminated)
OL2 5XB (terminated)
OL2 5EW (terminated)
OL2 5XD (terminated)
OL2 5JW (terminated)
OL2 5WU (terminated)
OL2 5YP (terminated)
OL2 5FD (terminated)
OL2 5YU (terminated)
OL2 5LJ (terminated)
OL2 5RP (terminated)
OL2 5WT (terminated)
OL2 5ER (terminated)
OL2 5ZS (terminated)
OL2 5JE (terminated)
OL2 5QQ (terminated)
OL2 5WA (terminated)
OL2 5WY (terminated)
OL2 5FB (terminated)
OL2 5NU (terminated)
OL2 5RR (terminated)
OL2 5SH (terminated)
OL2 5FA (terminated)
OL2 5HT (terminated)
OL2 7AH (terminated)
OL2 7AW (terminated)
OL2 7FG (terminated)
OL2 7FJ (terminated)
OL2 7FA (terminated)
OL2 7HP (terminated)
OL2 7HF (terminated)
OL2 7FP (terminated)
OL2 7FN (terminated)
OL2 7FB (terminated)
OL2 7FE (terminated)
OL2 7JQ (terminated)
OL2 7JS (terminated)
OL2 7WX (terminated)
OL2 7WB (terminated)
OL2 7TU (terminated)
OL2 7XY (terminated)
OL2 7YY (terminated)
OL2 7NR (terminated)
OL2 7YX (terminated)
OL2 7FF (terminated)
OL2 7DU (terminated)
OL2 7FH (terminated)
OL2 7FL (terminated)
OL2 7WZ (terminated)
OL2 7WT (terminated)
OL2 7WW (terminated)
OL2 7TP (terminated)
OL2 7XU (terminated)
OL2 7WY (terminated)
OL2 7NS (terminated)
OL2 7HW (terminated)
OL2 7BW (terminated)
OL2 7FD (terminated)
OL2 7JX (terminated)
OL2 7WU (terminated)
OL2 7WA (terminated)
OL2 7PG (terminated)
OL2 8BZ (terminated)
OL2 8DX (terminated)
OL2 8FJ (terminated)
OL2 8QZ (terminated)
OL2 8QU (terminated)
OL2 8TR (terminated)
OL2 8XB (terminated)
OL2 8XE (terminated)
OL2 8WW (terminated)
OL2 8TS (terminated)
OL2 8WU (terminated)
OL2 8PY (terminated)
OL2 8FB (terminated)
OL2 8FH (terminated)
OL2 8RN (terminated)
OL2 8FE (terminated)
OL2 8LH (terminated)
OL2 8HF (terminated)
OL2 8SY (terminated)
OL2 8FG (terminated)
OL2 8EG (terminated)
OL2 8GZ (terminated)
OL2 8NL (terminated)
eastway, OL2 8NU (terminated)
OL2 8PX (terminated)
OL2 8LZ (terminated)
OL2 8QR (terminated)
OL2 8XD (terminated)
eastway, OL2 8NT (terminated)
OL2 8FA (terminated)
OL2 8SD (terminated)
OL2 8WY (terminated)
OL2 8WX (terminated)
OL2 8FL (terminated)
OL2 8FF (terminated)
OL2 8RB (terminated)
OL2 8AR (terminated)
OL2 8QN (terminated)
OL2 8SE (terminated)
OL2 8NW (terminated)
OL2 8TG (terminated)
OL2 8RJ (terminated)
OL2 8WJ (terminated)
OL2 8RG (terminated)
OL2 8FD (terminated)
ONS Administrative Info


Royton North

Royton South


RegionNorth West

OL2 Crime Statstics

Crime rate over the last 12 Months

Crime rate by Month


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences

OL2 Property Statstics

Sold House Prices over the last 12 Months

Sold House Prices by Month

House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£280,000.00£280,000.00 - £280,000.001
Flat£122,000.00£122,000.00 - £122,000.001
Semi-Detached£201,666.67£170,000.00 - £225,000.003
Terraced£144,450.00£112,700.00 - £174,000.005
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Semi-Detached£253,333.33£245,000.00 - £260,000.003
Terraced£161,650.00£125,000.00 - £229,950.003
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Semi-Detached£195,000.00£195,000.00 - £195,000.001
Terraced£143,333.33£135,000.00 - £170,000.004
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£325,000.00£240,000.00 - £400,000.004
Flat£110,100.00£95,000.00 - £139,000.003
Semi-Detached£225,000.00£225,000.00 - £225,000.002
Terraced£160,714.29£140,000.00 - £195,000.0010
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£326,250.00£205,000.00 - £400,000.005
Flat£82,000.00£82,000.00 - £82,000.002
Semi-Detached£226,416.67£185,000.00 - £277,000.0010
Terraced£153,500.00£100,000.00 - £255,000.008
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£406,666.67£300,000.00 - £460,000.003
Other£138,000.00£138,000.00 - £138,000.001
Semi-Detached£212,694.44£135,000.00 - £450,000.0010
Terraced£167,891.67£100,000.00 - £200,000.0011
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£332,000.00£140,000.00 - £410,000.005
Flat£98,950.00£64,800.00 - £145,000.005
Other£214,166.67£55,000.00 - £325,000.004
Semi-Detached£221,448.81£88,000.00 - £305,000.0017
Terraced£135,283.33£69,000.00 - £201,000.0017
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£262,500.00£262,500.00 - £262,500.001
Other£950.00£950.00 - £950.001
Semi-Detached£269,000.00£250,000.00 - £288,000.002
Terraced£151,800.00£70,000.00 - £200,000.004
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£293,000.00£293,000.00 - £293,000.001
Flat£142,000.00£142,000.00 - £142,000.001
Other£281,000.00£112,000.00 - £450,000.002
Semi-Detached£199,666.67£155,000.00 - £242,500.005
Terraced£144,390.94£108,000.00 - £199,000.009
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£460,000.00£415,000.00 - £505,000.002
Other£114,987.50£950.00 - £160,500.003
Semi-Detached£219,063.89£110,000.00 - £299,950.0011
Terraced£184,175.00£140,000.00 - £275,000.009
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£334,000.00£327,000.00 - £337,000.003
Flat£135,000.00£135,000.00 - £135,000.001
Other£156,000.00£156,000.00 - £156,000.001
Semi-Detached£217,205.56£100,000.00 - £317,000.0019
Terraced£128,972.37£96,000.00 - £235,000.0021
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£331,666.67£290,000.00 - £359,000.003
Flat£155,000.00£155,000.00 - £155,000.001
Other£838,750.00£112,000.00 - £1,500,000.003
Semi-Detached£199,791.67£175,000.00 - £297,500.0013
Terraced£135,291.67£85,000.00 - £235,000.0015
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£429,375.00£237,500.00 - £600,000.003
Flat£139,500.00£130,000.00 - £149,000.002
Other£64,975.00£950.00 - £129,000.003
Semi-Detached£185,175.00£88,500.00 - £272,000.008
Terraced£149,142.86£90,000.00 - £238,000.0016
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£370,277.78£240,000.00 - £660,000.0010
Other£66,875.00£21,000.00 - £127,500.003
Semi-Detached£212,195.83£93,000.00 - £285,000.0028
Terraced£167,411.82£105,000.00 - £235,000.0026
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Flat£168,750.00£140,000.00 - £225,000.004
Other£120,475.00£950.00 - £240,000.004
Semi-Detached£214,900.00£127,000.00 - £255,000.006
Terraced£172,437.50£120,000.00 - £240,000.008
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Other£70,225.00£950.00 - £165,000.005
Semi-Detached£211,250.00£200,000.00 - £222,000.004
Terraced£162,500.00£140,000.00 - £185,000.002
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£268,975.00£248,000.00 - £289,950.002
Flat£94,500.00£88,000.00 - £101,000.002
Other£750,237.50£950.00 - £2,600,000.003
Semi-Detached£194,717.95£102,000.00 - £320,000.0016
Terraced£161,048.08£117,000.00 - £227,500.0018
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£264,050.00£150,000.00 - £340,000.007
Flat£150,375.00£140,500.00 - £155,000.003
Semi-Detached£188,648.86£100,000.00 - £333,500.0015
Terraced£174,453.26£75,000.00 - £222,500.0026
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£326,750.00£272,000.00 - £460,000.004
Flat£130,987.50£94,000.00 - £150,000.004
Other£111,880.00£950.00 - £250,000.006
Semi-Detached£228,733.33£135,000.00 - £377,500.0020
Terraced£167,660.00£92,000.00 - £262,500.0021
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£291,987.50£210,000.00 - £335,000.007
Flat£124,375.00£110,500.00 - £145,000.004
Other£950.00£950.00 - £950.004
Semi-Detached£247,447.92£190,000.00 - £475,000.0017
Terraced£162,326.48£109,000.00 - £301,000.0032
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£291,166.67£255,000.00 - £380,000.004
Flat£111,666.67£85,000.00 - £145,000.003
Other£802,308.33£950.00 - £4,400,000.006
Semi-Detached£203,683.33£100,000.00 - £300,000.0020
Terraced£140,637.31£95,000.00 - £173,000.0015
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£319,000.00£248,000.00 - £365,000.004
Other£146,606.25£950.00 - £258,000.009
Semi-Detached£251,414.18£175,000.00 - £388,000.0013
Terraced£159,260.53£83,000.00 - £250,000.0024
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£328,987.50£268,000.00 - £420,000.006
Flat£141,000.00£141,000.00 - £141,000.001
Other£81,725.00£950.00 - £162,500.004
Semi-Detached£225,837.73£162,000.00 - £290,000.0021
Terraced£136,688.12£80,000.00 - £249,950.0024
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£381,490.00£250,000.00 - £700,000.009
Flat£112,500.00£84,000.00 - £144,000.004
Other£130,000.00£130,000.00 - £130,000.001
Semi-Detached£187,239.44£100,000.00 - £290,000.0014
Terraced£189,000.42£50,000.00 - £280,000.0023
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£292,572.92£200,000.00 - £400,000.0011
Flat£106,750.00£82,000.00 - £131,500.002
Other£162,805.25£1,221.00 - £450,000.003
Semi-Detached£224,342.38£91,000.00 - £381,000.0023
Terraced£146,048.32£87,500.00 - £185,000.0024
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£344,676.39£197,500.00 - £599,950.0011
Other£1,004,000.00£140,000.00 - £1,868,000.002
Semi-Detached£207,478.57£140,000.00 - £282,000.0021
Terraced£168,780.56£95,000.00 - £244,995.0028
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£278,257.50£133,200.00 - £460,000.009
Flat£81,416.67£37,300.00 - £128,950.003
Other£247,916.67£69,000.00 - £751,000.004
Semi-Detached£226,831.67£140,000.00 - £305,000.0017
Terraced£137,882.82£72,000.00 - £260,000.0027
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£282,208.33£150,000.00 - £415,000.009
Flat£112,000.00£100,000.00 - £120,000.004
Other£143,375.00£1,000.00 - £380,000.006
Semi-Detached£213,284.82£98,000.00 - £290,000.0014
Terraced£161,496.67£77,000.00 - £229,995.0013

Blackshaw Lane Primary & Nursery SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement223 3-11OL26NT
Rushcroft Primary SchoolPrimary, Good190 4-11OL27YL
Buckstones Primary SchoolPrimary, Outstanding208 4-11OL28HN
Thornham St James CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good202 4-11OL26XT
East Crompton St James CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good191 4-11OL27TD
St Mary's CofE Primary School High CromptonPrimary, Good208 4-11OL27PP
St Anne's CofE (Aided) Primary SchoolPrimary, Good302 3-11OL25DH
St Joseph's RC Junior Infant and Nursery SchoolPrimary, Good234 3-11OL28SZ
Ss Aidan and Oswald's Roman Catholic Primary SchoolPrimary, Good363 3-11OL25PQ
St Paul's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good247 3-11OL25LU
Crompton Primary SchoolPrimary, Good222 3-11OL27HD
Royton Hall Primary SchoolPrimary, Good365 3-11OL26RW
The Oldham Academy NorthSecondary, Good1322 11-16OL25BF
The Crompton House Church of England AcademySecondary, Good1764 11-18OL27HS
East Crompton St George's CofE SchoolPrimary, Good182 4-11OL28AX
E-ACT Royton and Crompton AcademySecondary, Inadequate1113 11-16OL26NT
Thorp Primary SchoolPrimary, Good213 3-11OL25TY
Fir Bank Primary SchoolPrimary, Good227 3-11OL26SJ
Beal Vale Primary SchoolPrimary, Good199 4-11OL27SY
  • Arumba, OL2 5QD
  • Black Horse, OL2 7JD
  • Blue Bell Hotel, OL2 8NR
  • Carters Arms, OL2 6BU
  • Coach & Horses, OL2 8NR
  • The Barclay, OL2 6RY
  • Age UK Oldham, OL2 8NY
  • Asda Cafe (In Store), OL2 8QP
  • ASDA Living Cafe, OL2 5HX
  • Bank Grill, OL2 6QJ
  • Aldi Stores Ltd., OL2 8RH
  • Asda Stores Ltd, OL2 8QP
  • Tesco, OL2 8NH
  • The Co-Operative Food, OL2 5PT
  • The Range Home and Leisure, OL2 5HX
  • Smashville Burger Co, OL2 5DD
  • Jimmys Snack Bar, OL2 5QD
  • Shake Stop Desserts (Mobile Trailer), OL2 5HX
  • B's Diamonds, OL2 6LY
  • Age UK Oldham, OL2 5JS
  • Dolly's Cakes, OL2 6JX
  • Eddie's Traditionals, OL2 8QD
  • Manchester Mathai Catering, OL2 6DD
  • Thornham St James C of E School, OL2 6XT
  • Thorp School, OL2 5TY
  • Beal Vale Primary School, OL2 7SY
  • Blackshaw Lane Primary & Nursery School, OL2 6NT
  • Buckstones Primary School, OL2 8HN
  • Bethesda Church Emergency Food Project, OL2 6UA
  • Well Pharmacy, OL2 5QD
  • Argos Extra, OL2 5HX
  • Best Saver, OL2 8RZ
  • Boots UK Ltd, OL2 8NH
  • 3 Chefs, OL2 8RF
  • Armstrongs Fish & Chips, OL2 8NR
  • Bella Napoli Ltd, OL2 8NR
  • Big Lamp Chippy, OL2 8RD
  • Bloomfields, OL2 6EF
  • Buckies Out of School Club, OL2 8LS
  • Channings Child Care, OL2 6TU
  • Dr Kershaws Hospice, OL2 6EU
  • Dryclough Manor Care Home, OL2 6DA
  • Edge Hill House Res. Home, OL2 6AB