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Area Overview

The postcode area is located in the Oldham, Oldham postcode town, in the North West, England region.

a big area of OL4 postcode district describes a diverse community with residents from both the EU and the UK, and a mix of ethnicities.


  • Many residents come from the EU, but there are also more UK-born residents compared to similar areas.
  • A significant Pakistani community resides here.
  • Residents are more likely to:
  • Live in houses, not flats.
  • Not follow any religion.
  • Identify as mixed or multiple ethnicities.
  • Education levels are generally lower than average for this group.

Overall: A Major part of this postcode area represents a diverse community with people from various backgrounds. While education levels are lower than average, residents enjoy a mix of housing options and diverse cultures.

It's important to note that this description generalizes the area and individual experiences may vary.

Electoral Wards

The postcode area covers Alexandra, Saddleworth North, Saddleworth South, Saddleworth West and Lees, St James', St Mary's, Waterhead electoral wards.

OL4 Postcode Map

OL4 Area Demographics
(from Census 2021)

The population of OL4 postcode area is 47,608. In England, the male population is 28,833,712 and the female population is 27,656,336, according to the 2021 census.

Ethnicity & Religion

According to the latest 2021 census, The main ethnicity of the people in the area is White: English, with a total of 28,733, followed by Pakistani, with a total of 12,395. In terms of religion, most people mentioned Christian (19,627), followed by Muslim (14,539).


As for deprivation, most of the area is not deprived in any dimension (8,273), followed by at least deprived in one dimension (6,785).

Economic Status

Most people in the nearby area mentioned they are Employee: Full-time (12,171), while 7,706 adults mentioned they are Retired.


Regarding education, 11,226 adults have Does not apply education, while 5,979 have Level 3 education. The most common occupations are

  • Professional occupations (3004)
  • Elementary occupations (2320), and
  • Caring, leisure and other service occupations (2167)


The average age of people living in area is 38 years old. The top three age distributions are: Below 14 (13602), Between 25 to 34 (8173), and Between 45 to 54 (7857).


The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population has Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations (5,916) followed by Never worked and long-term unemployed (5,289), and Routine occupations (5,137).

Postcodes in OL4

There are total 5 postcode sectors present in the OL4 (listed below). The postcode OL4 has a total of 1195 postcodes.

mumps, OL4 1SY (terminated)
OL4 1AW (terminated)
OL4 1AP (terminated)
OL4 1BF (terminated)
OL4 1BQ (terminated)
OL4 1AD (terminated)
OL4 1AZ (terminated)
OL4 1DQ (terminated)
OL4 1FD (terminated)
OL4 1FA (terminated)
OL4 1EF (terminated)
OL4 1EA (terminated)
OL4 1HF (terminated)
OL4 1JQ (terminated)
OL4 1GZ (terminated)
OL4 1JX (terminated)
OL4 1LD (terminated)
OL4 1PF (terminated)
OL4 1LT (terminated)
OL4 1PD (terminated)
OL4 1PE (terminated)
OL4 1PZ (terminated)
OL4 1SU (terminated)
OL4 1SJ (terminated)
OL4 1SD (terminated)
OL4 1WY (terminated)
OL4 1TF (terminated)
OL4 1WU (terminated)
OL4 1YY (terminated)
OL4 1BG (terminated)
OL4 1YX (terminated)
OL4 1XJ (terminated)
OL4 1NT (terminated)
OL4 1RU (terminated)
OL4 1FE (terminated)
OL4 1WS (terminated)
OL4 1JL (terminated)
OL4 1RB (terminated)
OL4 1JU (terminated)
OL4 1FF (terminated)
OL4 1WX (terminated)
OL4 1SS (terminated)
OL4 1FJ (terminated)
OL4 1FL (terminated)
OL4 1DJ (terminated)
OL4 1HZ (terminated)
OL4 1QU (terminated)
OL4 1YW (terminated)
OL4 1FH (terminated)
OL4 1ZT (terminated)
OL4 1WW (terminated)
OL4 1AY (terminated)
OL4 1FG (terminated)
OL4 1SX (terminated)
OL4 1TG (terminated)
OL4 1WZ (terminated)
OL4 1LB (terminated)
OL4 1EH (terminated)
OL4 1ZS (terminated)
OL4 1RN (terminated)
OL4 1FB (terminated)
OL4 1HL (terminated)
OL4 1HJ (terminated)
OL4 1AU (terminated)
OL4 1QZ (terminated)
OL4 1YR (terminated)
OL4 1LF (terminated)
OL4 1TE (terminated)
OL4 1QX (terminated)
OL4 1WT (terminated)
OL4 2BZ (terminated)
OL4 2FA (terminated)
OL4 2FQ (terminated)
OL4 2FR (terminated)
OL4 2FL (terminated)
OL4 2DZ (terminated)
OL4 2GZ (terminated)
OL4 2HW (terminated)
OL4 2RG (terminated)
OL4 2PY (terminated)
OL4 2QR (terminated)
OL4 2SU (terminated)
OL4 2XE (terminated)
OL4 2YS (terminated)
OL4 2GE (terminated)
OL4 2FD (terminated)
OL4 2DE (terminated)
OL4 2ST (terminated)
OL4 2FG (terminated)
OL4 2GY (terminated)
OL4 2FF (terminated)
OL4 2XD (terminated)
OL4 2HG (terminated)
OL4 2FB (terminated)
OL4 2WY (terminated)
OL4 2SQ (terminated)
OL4 2AS (terminated)
OL4 2FE (terminated)
OL4 2AA (terminated)
OL4 2FP (terminated)
OL4 2AN (terminated)
OL4 2FH (terminated)
OL4 2FN (terminated)
OL4 2AP (terminated)
OL4 2JF (terminated)
OL4 2WZ (terminated)
OL4 2WW (terminated)
OL4 2AR (terminated)
OL4 2AL (terminated)
OL4 2AQ (terminated)
OL4 2DD (terminated)
OL4 2QL (terminated)
OL4 3BL (terminated)
OL4 3BZ (terminated)
OL4 3FE (terminated)
OL4 3FG (terminated)
OL4 3JE (terminated)
OL4 3JU (terminated)
OL4 3PX (terminated)
OL4 3NR (terminated)
OL4 3LR (terminated)
OL4 3SZ (terminated)
OL4 3ZY (terminated)
OL4 3WB (terminated)
OL4 3WA (terminated)
OL4 3FB (terminated)
OL4 3WX (terminated)
OL4 3JD (terminated)
OL4 3JQ (terminated)
OL4 3FH (terminated)
OL4 3FD (terminated)
OL4 3FF (terminated)
OL4 3AD (terminated)
OL4 3FJ (terminated)
OL4 3NA (terminated)
OL4 3LE (terminated)
OL4 3DA (terminated)
OL4 3WY (terminated)
OL4 3FA (terminated)
OL4 3WZ (terminated)
OL4 3DF (terminated)
OL4 5AU (terminated)
OL4 5DS (terminated)
OL4 5DQ (terminated)
OL4 5HU (terminated)
OL4 5HX (terminated)
OL4 5JD (terminated)
OL4 5NN (terminated)
OL4 5UY (terminated)
OL4 5UZ (terminated)
OL4 5WW (terminated)
OL4 5WY (terminated)
OL4 5ER (terminated)
OL4 5WX (terminated)
OL4 5HA (terminated)
OL4 5LZ (terminated)
OL4 5FL (terminated)
OL4 5QR (terminated)
OL4 5FG (terminated)
OL4 5FE (terminated)
OL4 5JW (terminated)
OL4 5EG (terminated)
OL4 5FD (terminated)
OL4 5FA (terminated)
OL4 5WT (terminated)
OL4 5GX (terminated)
OL4 5HP (terminated)
OL4 5EZ (terminated)
OL4 5LW (terminated)
OL4 5WJ (terminated)
OL4 5FJ (terminated)
OL4 5EH (terminated)
OL4 5FB (terminated)
OL4 5EQ (terminated)
OL4 5JN (terminated)
OL4 5WZ (terminated)
OL4 5GZ (terminated)
OL4 5FF (terminated)
OL4 5FH (terminated)
OL4 5SS (terminated)
OL4 5GY (terminated)
OL4 5WU (terminated)
OL4 4EG (terminated)
OL4 4FF (terminated)
OL4 4FQ (terminated)
OL4 4FH (terminated)
OL4 4FD (terminated)
OL4 4FE (terminated)
OL4 4FN (terminated)
OL4 4FP (terminated)
OL4 4LF (terminated)
OL4 4QB (terminated)
OL4 4WA (terminated)
OL4 4RT (terminated)
OL4 4WB (terminated)
OL4 4ZT (terminated)
OL4 4GS (terminated)
OL4 4FB (terminated)
OL4 4EJ (terminated)
OL4 4WW (terminated)
OL4 4XJ (terminated)
OL4 4FA (terminated)
OL4 4FG (terminated)
OL4 4WU (terminated)
OL4 4DJ (terminated)
OL4 4SX (terminated)
OL4 4FL (terminated)
OL4 4WT (terminated)
OL4 4PX (terminated)
OL4 4PU (terminated)
OL4 4FJ (terminated)
OL4 4WY (terminated)
OL4 4WX (terminated)
OL4 4PG (terminated)
OL4 4LZ (terminated)
ONS Administrative Info


Saddleworth North

Saddleworth South

Saddleworth West and Lees

St James'

St Mary's


RegionNorth West

OL4 Crime Statstics

Crime rate over the last 12 Months

Crime rate by Month


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences

OL4 Property Statstics

Sold House Prices over the last 12 Months

Sold House Prices by Month

House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Other£500,000.00£500,000.00 - £500,000.001
Semi-Detached£186,000.00£150,000.00 - £222,000.002
Terraced£114,250.00£72,000.00 - £135,000.003
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Flat£133,500.00£133,500.00 - £133,500.001
Other£305,000.00£305,000.00 - £305,000.002
Semi-Detached£224,000.00£224,000.00 - £224,000.001
Terraced£178,750.00£120,000.00 - £237,500.002
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£155,000.00£155,000.00 - £155,000.001
Semi-Detached£194,000.00£128,000.00 - £280,000.003
Terraced£97,500.00£55,000.00 - £165,000.003
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£254,000.00£208,000.00 - £300,000.002
Other£165,000.00£165,000.00 - £165,000.001
Semi-Detached£174,000.00£164,000.00 - £195,000.004
Terraced£122,931.25£85,000.00 - £214,950.005
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£310,000.00£300,000.00 - £320,000.004
Flat£160,000.00£160,000.00 - £160,000.001
Other£64,231.45£1,460.00 - £228,000.0012
Semi-Detached£187,343.62£131,131.00 - £337,750.0010
Terraced£152,277.78£75,000.00 - £210,000.009
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£603,750.00£425,000.00 - £770,000.003
Flat£365,750.00£219,000.00 - £770,000.003
Other£390,000.00£390,000.00 - £390,000.001
Semi-Detached£267,250.00£150,000.00 - £550,000.005
Terraced£156,875.00£84,000.00 - £385,000.0013
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£376,333.33£325,000.00 - £402,000.003
Semi-Detached£270,491.43£145,000.00 - £429,950.0012
Terraced£131,004.82£69,017.00 - £275,000.0026
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£997,499.50£795,000.00 - £1,199,999.002
Other£336,000.00£300,000.00 - £372,000.002
Semi-Detached£242,750.00£140,000.00 - £397,500.006
Terraced£157,666.67£93,500.00 - £246,000.007
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£315,500.00£245,000.00 - £380,000.003
Flat£147,000.00£147,000.00 - £147,000.001
Other£210,000.00£210,000.00 - £210,000.001
Semi-Detached£250,200.00£80,000.00 - £435,000.006
Terraced£147,673.08£70,000.00 - £245,000.0019
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£319,806.25£230,000.00 - £637,500.005
Semi-Detached£188,757.92£112,500.00 - £275,000.0014
Terraced£137,825.00£95,500.00 - £185,000.0015
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Flat£144,000.00£144,000.00 - £144,000.001
Other£205,000.00£140,000.00 - £270,000.002
Semi-Detached£213,833.33£150,000.00 - £355,000.006
Terraced£117,378.00£50,000.00 - £235,000.0017
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£373,750.00£235,000.00 - £525,000.005
Other£863.00£863.00 - £863.002
Semi-Detached£213,791.67£155,000.00 - £322,250.006
Terraced£151,428.21£80,000.00 - £236,000.0018
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£297,500.00£295,000.00 - £300,000.004
Flat£172,500.00£155,000.00 - £190,000.004
Other£144,000.00£115,000.00 - £170,000.006
Semi-Detached£192,161.67£108,000.00 - £350,000.0013
Terraced£140,570.35£60,000.00 - £265,000.0040
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£306,750.00£290,000.00 - £315,000.003
Other£135,000.00£135,000.00 - £135,000.001
Semi-Detached£200,000.00£110,000.00 - £260,000.004
Terraced£146,287.50£55,000.00 - £225,000.0019
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£350,000.00£350,000.00 - £350,000.001
Other£52,750.00£500.00 - £105,000.002
Semi-Detached£185,250.00£153,000.00 - £235,000.003
Terraced£162,250.00£100,500.00 - £224,000.002
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£415,479.17£165,500.00 - £700,000.0010
Flat£130,000.00£130,000.00 - £130,000.001
Other£219,000.00£130,000.00 - £308,000.002
Semi-Detached£225,239.58£90,000.00 - £290,000.0011
Terraced£168,015.62£84,000.00 - £362,000.0023
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£619,156.25£241,500.00 - £875,000.009
Flat£107,500.00£75,000.00 - £160,000.003
Other£415,000.00£415,000.00 - £415,000.001
Semi-Detached£223,768.75£85,000.00 - £394,000.0013
Terraced£170,292.63£75,000.00 - £232,000.0030
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£267,500.00£260,000.00 - £275,000.003
Flat£297,500.00£220,000.00 - £375,000.002
Other£148,750.00£100,000.00 - £197,500.002
Semi-Detached£192,792.67£104,000.00 - £280,000.0011
Terraced£159,780.21£50,000.00 - £321,000.0032
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£410,000.00£410,000.00 - £410,000.001
Flat£91,000.00£91,000.00 - £91,000.001
Other£725,000.00£725,000.00 - £725,000.001
Semi-Detached£191,804.17£128,000.00 - £301,000.0011
Terraced£182,298.08£72,000.00 - £228,000.0027
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£378,225.00£174,000.00 - £650,000.009
Flat£115,000.00£115,000.00 - £115,000.001
Other£320,188.33£565.00 - £730,000.003
Semi-Detached£221,620.71£108,000.00 - £550,000.0016
Terraced£140,021.70£50,000.00 - £350,000.0042
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£407,083.33£245,000.00 - £830,000.005
Flat£174,998.75£131,000.00 - £249,995.004
Other£365,000.00£100,000.00 - £625,000.003
Semi-Detached£181,400.00£136,000.00 - £235,000.0011
Terraced£144,970.13£35,000.00 - £367,000.0043
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£309,183.33£150,000.00 - £370,000.004
Flat£100,000.00£100,000.00 - £100,000.001
Other£300,000.00£300,000.00 - £300,000.001
Semi-Detached£238,012.86£139,000.00 - £330,000.0018
Terraced£168,842.11£70,000.00 - £242,000.0021
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£441,011.88£225,000.00 - £640,000.006
Flat£244,166.67£160,000.00 - £390,000.003
Other£46,850.00£4,950.00 - £90,000.003
Semi-Detached£294,222.22£125,000.00 - £345,000.0010
Terraced£126,122.19£75,000.00 - £244,000.0027
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£359,937.50£200,000.00 - £460,000.005
Flat£124,000.00£124,000.00 - £124,000.001
Other£295,000.00£110,000.00 - £480,000.002
Semi-Detached£229,427.61£80,000.00 - £395,000.0014
Terraced£149,482.14£85,000.00 - £286,000.0025
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£250,000.00£130,000.00 - £375,000.003
Flat£77,500.00£75,000.00 - £80,000.002
Other£60,000.00£60,000.00 - £60,000.001
Semi-Detached£271,469.44£110,000.00 - £565,000.0012
Terraced£129,205.96£39,999.00 - £220,000.0035
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£446,829.17£250,000.00 - £750,000.009
Flat£222,075.00£150,000.00 - £336,000.005
Other£590,000.00£500,000.00 - £680,000.002
Semi-Detached£310,000.00£170,000.00 - £465,000.004
Terraced£141,779.95£75,000.00 - £300,000.0020
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£363,500.00£300,000.00 - £400,000.003
Flat£87,000.00£87,000.00 - £87,000.001
Other£92,500.00£85,000.00 - £100,000.002
Semi-Detached£197,871.59£76,000.00 - £308,000.0016
Terraced£146,776.39£65,000.00 - £300,000.0031

Glodwick Infant and Nursery SchoolPrimary, Outstanding342 3-7OL41AJ
Springhead Infant and Nursery SchoolPrimary, Good207 3-7OL44QT
Knowsley Junior SchoolPrimary, Good307 7-11OL44BH
Horton Mill Community Primary SchoolPrimary, Good250 3-11OL41GL
Hey-with-Zion Primary SchoolPrimary, Good305 3-11OL43LQ
St Hugh's CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement221 3-11OL45NZ
St Agnes CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good106 4-11OL45RU
St Thomas' Leesfield CofE Primary SchoolPrimary, Good195 4-11OL45AT
St Edward's RC SchoolPrimary, Good268 3-11OL43LQ
St Anne's RC Primary SchoolPrimary, Good232 3-11OL41HP
Roundthorn Primary AcademyPrimary, Outstanding242 3-11OL45LN
Greenhill AcademyPrimary, Good501 2-11OL41RR
St Anne's CofE Lydgate Primary SchoolPrimary, Good208 4-11OL44DS
Waterhead AcademySecondary, Inadequate1358 11-16OL43NY
Greenacres Primary AcademyPrimary, Good252 3-11OL42AX
Oasis Academy LeesbrookSecondary, Good790 11-16OL45JE
Oasis Academy ClarksfieldPrimary, Inadequate460 3-11OL41NG
Littlemoor Primary SchoolPrimary, Requires improvement306 3-11OL42RR
  • Prime Purpose, OL4 4JW
  • PSP Oldham Ltd, OL4 2AH
  • Well Pharmacy, OL4 2RB
  • Well Pharmacy, OL4 1BN
  • Lees Road Pharmacy, OL4 1PA
  • White Hart Inn, OL4 4JJ
  • Kings Arms, OL4 2JX
  • Angel Inn, OL4 3BW
  • Austerlands Cricket Club, OL4 3QW
  • Austerlands Institute, OL4 3QA
  • Bridge Inn, OL4 1JE
  • Subway, OL4 2AQ
  • 24 Mocktails Limited, OL4 1JZ
  • Age UK Oldham, OL4 5TP
  • Anise Indian Restaurant, OL4 3QB
  • Arundel Bakery, OL4 1LE
  • Asda Supermarket, OL4 2RB
  • Co-Operative Food, OL4 5SE
  • Home Bargains, OL4 1SA
  • One Stop, OL4 1NZ
  • Tesco Extra, OL4 2GA
  • AI Takeaway, OL4 1RT
  • Al Raees, OL4 1AH
  • Arizona Fried Chicken & Grill, OL4 1JP
  • Aysha Sweet Centre, OL4 1PA
  • Buttylicious North Ltd, OL4 1JW
  • Datta Cash & Carry Ltd, OL4 1AX
  • Worldwide Foods (Oldham) Ltd, OL4 1AR
  • Anbridge Care Home, OL4 2QU
  • Appledore Nursery and Forest School, OL4 2QQ
  • Ashbourne House, OL4 5PP
  • Ashes Lane Play Group Ltd, OL4 4PF
  • Avalon Park Care Home HC-One, OL4 5HG
  • Country Oven Bakers, OL4 1HW
  • Defiance Spirits Limited, OL4 5DR
  • Grotton Head Farm, OL4 4JN
  • Village Manor Bakery, OL4 2JG
  • Adorable Steps Childcare Limited, OL4 1EG
  • Horton Mill Community Primary School, OL4 1DJ
  • Focus Trust - Roundthorn Primary Academy, OL4 5LE
  • Glodwick School, OL4 1AJ
  • Greenacres Primary Academy, OL4 2AX
  • Original Immys Charcoal Grill, OL4 5PL
  • AI Catering Services, OL4 1RT
  • C & C Catering Ltd, OL4 1LE
  • Eastern Catering Services, OL4 1EB
  • Eden Food Co, OL4 1LE