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Pembrokeshire, SA36 Postcode Area Overview

The SA36 postcode area is located in the Pembrokeshire, Pembrokeshire postcode town, in the Wales, Wales region.

A Major part of this postcode area district describes a mix of ages and family situations in a rural setting:

  • Mostly older residents (45+) but also families with children: While the majority of residents are older, there's also a typical number of children aged 5-14, suggesting families tend to have older parents.
  • Spread out, rural area with low population density: Think of lots of space and far-between houses, unlike more crowded areas.
  • Cars are essential: Due to the remote location, most households have two or more cars to get around.

Imagine a peaceful countryside with detached houses, older residents, and some families with older parents. That's the vibe of the a big area of SA36 postcode district

It's important to note that this description generalizes the area and individual experiences may vary.

Electoral Wards

The SA36 postcode area covers Crymych and Mynachlog-ddu electoral wards.

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SA36 Demographics
(from Census 2021)

The population of SA36 postcode area is 395. In England, the male population is 28,833,712 and the female population is 27,656,336, according to the 2021 census.

Ethnicity & Religion

According to the latest 2021 census, The main ethnicity of the people in the area is White: English, with a total of 387, followed by White: Other White, with a total of 5. In terms of religion, most people mentioned No religion (198), followed by Christian (166).


As for deprivation, most of the area is not deprived in any dimension (257), followed by at least deprived in one dimension (207).

Economic Status

Most people in the SA36 postcode area mentioned they are Retired (302), while 278 adults mentioned they are Employee: Full-time.


Regarding education, 101 adults have Level 4 education, while 64 have No qualifications education. The most common occupations in the SA36 area are

  • Skilled trades occupations (46)
  • Managers, directors and senior officials (27), and
  • Professional occupations (26)


The average age of people living in postcode SA36 is 48 years old. The top three age distributions are: Between 55 to 64 (1377), Between 65 to 74 (1349), and Below 14 (1214).


The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population in SA36 has Small employers and own account workers (71) followed by Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations (68), and Routine occupations (42).

Postcodes in SA36

There are total 1 postcode sectors present in the SA36 (listed below). The postcode SA36 has a total of 9 postcodes.

ONS Administrative Info of SA36

Crymych and Mynachlog-ddu


Pembrokeshire, SA36 Postcode Crime rate over the last 12 Months

Pembrokeshire, SA36 Postcode Area Crime rate by Month


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Violence and sexual offences


Public order

Sold House Prices in SA36 postcode area over the last 12 Months

Sold House Prices in SA36 postcode area by Month

House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£215,000.00£215,000.00 - £215,000.002
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£424,500.00£424,500.00 - £424,500.001
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£410,000.00£390,000.00 - £430,000.004
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Semi-Detached£255,000.00£255,000.00 - £255,000.001
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Other£850,000.00£850,000.00 - £850,000.001
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Other£750,000.00£750,000.00 - £750,000.001
House TypeAverageMin/MaxSold
Detached£295,000.00£295,000.00 - £295,000.002
Schools in the SA36 Postcode Area

Amenities in the SA36 Postcode Area
  • Mrs Julie Malham, SA36 0EF
  • Mrs Julie Malham, SA36 0EF
  • In A Field Cafe, SA36 0DT
  • In A Field Cafe, SA36 0DT
  • Cylch Meithrin Hermon, SA36 0DT
  • Cylch Meithrin Hermon, SA36 0DT
  • Yoyo's Gym, SA36 0DS
  • Yoyo's Gym, SA36 0DS
  • Brynmeini Farm, SA36 0DZ
  • Brynmeini Farm, SA36 0DZ
  • Cynefin Dairy, SA36 0DX
  • Cynefin Dairy, SA36 0DX