W1N Postcode Area Information

Avg Annual Income
Full Time Employees
Average Age

Area Overview

The postcode area is located in the Westminster, Westminster postcode town, in the London, England region.

A Major part of this postcode area describes a young, professional community living in city centers.


  • Mostly young adults (25-44) with college degrees.
  • Diverse community with Indian and Chinese residents being well-represented.


  • People mostly rent private flats, and few own multiple cars.


  • Healthy and independent, with low disability rates and no need for much unpaid care.
  • Focus on work, with most residents employed full-time in non-managerial roles.

Overall: W1N postcode area represents a vibrant and young community of professionals enjoying city life. They are well-educated and independent, but managerial positions are less common. Remember, this is a general overview, and individual experiences may vary.

It's important to note that this description generalizes the area and individual experiences may vary.

Electoral Wards

The postcode area covers West End electoral wards.

W1N Postcode Map

W1N Area Demographics
(from Census 2021)

The population of W1N postcode area is 122. In England, the male population is 28,833,712 and the female population is 27,656,336, according to the 2021 census.

Ethnicity & Religion

According to the latest 2021 census, The main ethnicity of the people in the area is White: Other White, with a total of 33, followed by Other Asian, with a total of 30. In terms of religion, most people mentioned Not answered (39), followed by Christian (35).


As for deprivation, most of the area is not deprived in any dimension (367), followed by at least deprived in one dimension (313).

Economic Status

Most people in the nearby area mentioned they are Employee: Full-time (440), while 359 adults mentioned they are Student.


Regarding education, 94 adults have Level 4 education, while 5 have Other education. The most common occupations are

  • Professional occupations (21)
  • Managers, directors and senior officials (14), and
  • Associate professional and technical occupations (12)


The average age of people living in area is 39 years old. The top three age distributions are: Between 25 to 34 (1938), Between 15 to 24 (1534), and Between 35 to 44 (1176).


The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population has Full-time students (56) followed by Higher managerial, administrative and professional occupations (35), and Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations (12).

Postcodes in W1N

There are total 10 postcode sectors present in the W1N (listed below). The postcode W1N has a total of 23 postcodes.

W1N 6EP (terminated)
W1N 6DE (terminated)
W1N 6AB (terminated)
W1N 6BT (terminated)
W1N 6DX (terminated)
W1N 6NA (terminated)
W1N 6NE (terminated)
W1N 6NB (terminated)
W1N 6LQ (terminated)
W1N 6JQ (terminated)
W1N 6LH (terminated)
W1N 6JH (terminated)
W1N 6JL (terminated)
W1N 6JD (terminated)
W1N 6BN (terminated)
W1N 6EN (terminated)
W1N 6EU (terminated)
W1N 6LT (terminated)
W1N 6BP (terminated)
W1N 6NR (terminated)
W1N 6AQ (terminated)
W1N 6NH (terminated)
W1N 6EH (terminated)
W1N 6LL (terminated)
W1N 6BH (terminated)
W1N 6DS (terminated)
W1N 6DL (terminated)
W1N 6AA (terminated)
W1N 6JE (terminated)
W1N 6JR (terminated)
W1N 6LJ (terminated)
W1N 6NP (terminated)
W1N 6BJ (terminated)
W1N 6AS (terminated)
W1N 6BX (terminated)
W1N 6JY (terminated)
W1N 6BD (terminated)
W1N 6AH (terminated)
W1N 6JB (terminated)
W1N 6ED (terminated)
W1N 6LU (terminated)
W1N 6NS (terminated)
W1N 6JX (terminated)
W1N 6LN (terminated)
W1N 6PB (terminated)
W1N 6EA (terminated)
W1N 6AP (terminated)
W1N 6BA (terminated)
W1N 6HU (terminated)
W1N 6DN (terminated)
W1N 6LS (terminated)
W1N 6BB (terminated)
W1N 6NJ (terminated)
W1N 6HD (terminated)
W1N 6DT (terminated)
W1N 6HA (terminated)
W1N 6LR (terminated)
W1N 6AD (terminated)
W1N 6BL (terminated)
W1N 6BR (terminated)
W1N 6HS (terminated)
W1N 6NU (terminated)
W1N 6LD (terminated)
W1N 6JJ (terminated)
W1N 6DP (terminated)
W1N 6NT (terminated)
W1N 6EY (terminated)
W1N 6JA (terminated)
W1N 6NN (terminated)
W1N 6NL (terminated)
W1N 6JP (terminated)
W1N 6LX (terminated)
W1N 6AX (terminated)
W1N 6EE (terminated)
W1N 6EL (terminated)
W1N 6DR (terminated)
W1N 6BQ (terminated)
W1N 6AR (terminated)
W1N 6HE (terminated)
W1N 6DJ (terminated)
W1N 6HN (terminated)
W1N 6AT (terminated)
W1N 6DH (terminated)
W1N 6HX (terminated)
W1N 6LE (terminated)
W1N 6DU (terminated)
W1N 6ER (terminated)
W1N 6AJ (terminated)
W1N 6JN (terminated)
W1N 6AU (terminated)
W1N 6AL (terminated)
W1N 6ND (terminated)
W1N 6AE (terminated)
W1N 6BU (terminated)
W1N 6AN (terminated)
W1N 6HJ (terminated)
W1N 6HH (terminated)
W1N 6NY (terminated)
W1N 6ES (terminated)
W1N 3LL (terminated)
W1N 3PG (terminated)
W1N 3FA (terminated)
W1N 3LN (terminated)
W1N 3FL (terminated)
W1N 3LQ (terminated)
W1N 3FD (terminated)
W1N 3FN (terminated)
W1N 3AD (terminated)
W1N 3LJ (terminated)
W1N 3PA (terminated)
, W1N 3AG (terminated)
W1N 3FJ (terminated)
W1N 3LE (terminated)
W1N 3LA (terminated)
W1N 3FS (terminated)
W1N 3FE (terminated)
W1N 3PB (terminated)
W1N 3FP (terminated)
W1N 3PD (terminated)
W1N 3LH (terminated)
W1N 3DE (terminated)
W1N 3AE (terminated)
W1N 3AJ (terminated)
W1N 3DH (terminated)
W1N 3LG (terminated)
W1N 3FG (terminated)
W1N 3PH (terminated)
W1N 3LP (terminated)
W1N 3FB (terminated)
W1N 3FH (terminated)
W1N 3HA (terminated)
W1N 3FQ (terminated)
W1N 3FR (terminated)
W1N 3AB (terminated)
W1N 3LR (terminated)
W1N 3DF (terminated)
W1N 3LF (terminated)
W1N 3AA (terminated)
W1N 3LD (terminated)
W1N 3LB (terminated)
W1N 3AH (terminated)
W1N 3HB (terminated)
W1N 3FF (terminated)
W1N 3PF (terminated)
W1N 3DB (terminated)
W1N 1RR (terminated)
W1N 1PE (terminated)
W1N 1LG (terminated)
W1N 1LE (terminated)
W1N 1RP (terminated)
W1N 1LQ (terminated)
W1N 1FT (terminated)
W1N 1RD (terminated)
W1N 1AG (terminated)
W1N 1LF (terminated)
W1N 1HA (terminated)
W1N 1LR (terminated)
W1N 1FR (terminated)
W1N 1FP (terminated)
W1N 1LH (terminated)
W1N 1AH (terminated)
W1N 1AF (terminated)
W1N 1FW (terminated)
W1N 1PD (terminated)
W1N 1FG (terminated)
W1N 1HH (terminated)
W1N 1LB (terminated)
, W1N 1RG (terminated)
W1N 1FE (terminated)
W1N 1DH (terminated)
W1N 1LT (terminated)
W1N 1LS (terminated)
W1N 1DG (terminated)
W1N 1FX (terminated)
W1N 1AB (terminated)
W1N 1HB (terminated)
W1N 1RA (terminated)
W1N 1HF (terminated)
W1N 1AL (terminated)
W1N 1FD (terminated)
W1N 1FB (terminated)
W1N 1FQ (terminated)
W1N 1RF (terminated)
W1N 1FF (terminated)
W1N 1RB (terminated)
W1N 1FH (terminated)
W1N 1DF (terminated)
W1N 1FU (terminated)
W1N 1ED (terminated)
W1N 1HE (terminated)
W1N 1FS (terminated)
W1N 1HG (terminated)
W1N 1FN (terminated)
W1N 1DA (terminated)
W1N 1LA (terminated)
W1N 1HD (terminated)
W1N 1LL (terminated)
W1N 1DJ (terminated)
W1N 1RH (terminated)
W1N 1DL (terminated)
W1N 1FJ (terminated)
W1N 1AA (terminated)
W1N 1PA (terminated)
W1N 1AN (terminated)
W1N 1AJ (terminated)
W1N 1PB (terminated)
W1N 1RL (terminated)
W1N 1RJ (terminated)
W1N 1DE (terminated)
W1N 1LD (terminated)
W1N 1RE (terminated)
W1N 1FL (terminated)
W1N 1FA (terminated)
W1N 1AE (terminated)
W1N 1DD (terminated)
W1N 1LP (terminated)
W1N 1LJ (terminated)
W1N 1AP (terminated)
W1N 1DB (terminated)
W1N 1RQ (terminated)
W1N 1LN (terminated)
W1N 4JA (terminated)
W1N 4AJ (terminated)
W1N 4BN (terminated)
W1N 4DB (terminated)
W1N 4RF (terminated)
W1N 4BJ (terminated)
W1N 4BE (terminated)
W1N 4BU (terminated)
W1N 4JB (terminated)
W1N 4LH (terminated)
W1N 4HE (terminated)
W1N 4EH (terminated)
W1N 4JJ (terminated)
W1N 4HP (terminated)
W1N 4HD (terminated)
W1N 4LL (terminated)
W1N 4BR (terminated)
W1N 4LX (terminated)
W1N 4HT (terminated)
W1N 4DE (terminated)
W1N 4AA (terminated)
W1N 4BB (terminated)
W1N 4JP (terminated)
W1N 4DP (terminated)
W1N 4DX (terminated)
W1N 4DD (terminated)
W1N 4AT (terminated)
W1N 4AR (terminated)
W1N 4DY (terminated)
W1N 4HB (terminated)
W1N 4HL (terminated)
W1N 4LU (terminated)
W1N 4SH (terminated)
W1N 4AE (terminated)
W1N 4AB (terminated)
W1N 4DR (terminated)
W1N 4AL (terminated)
W1N 4DJ (terminated)
W1N 4BH (terminated)
W1N 4JT (terminated)
W1N 4DH (terminated)
W1N 4AH (terminated)
W1N 4EY (terminated)
W1N 4JL (terminated)
W1N 4LQ (terminated)
W1N 4AX (terminated)
W1N 4JH (terminated)
W1N 4LN (terminated)
W1N 4EQ (terminated)
W1N 4HN (terminated)
W1N 4BD (terminated)
W1N 4ET (terminated)
W1N 4LD (terminated)
W1N 4BA (terminated)
W1N 4BT (terminated)
W1N 4AQ (terminated)
W1N 4HS (terminated)
W1N 4BS (terminated)
W1N 4JE (terminated)
W1N 4LE (terminated)
W1N 4EP (terminated)
W1N 4JQ (terminated)
W1N 4EA (terminated)
W1N 4HQ (terminated)
W1N 4EL (terminated)
W1N 4AN (terminated)
W1N 4AY (terminated)
W1N 4AP (terminated)
W1N 4AS (terminated)
W1N 4BY (terminated)
W1N 4LS (terminated)
W1N 4AU (terminated)
W1N 4DU (terminated)
W1N 4AD (terminated)
W1N 4HR (terminated)
W1N 4HJ (terminated)
W1N 4EJ (terminated)
W1N 2BB (terminated)
W1N 2AT (terminated)
W1N 2AB (terminated)
W1N 2BR (terminated)
W1N 2BU (terminated)
W1N 2BL (terminated)
W1N 2DA (terminated)
W1N 2DU (terminated)
W1N 2ET (terminated)
W1N 2AL (terminated)
W1N 2DP (terminated)
W1N 2AS (terminated)
W1N 2AY (terminated)
W1N 2DB (terminated)
W1N 2DR (terminated)
W1N 2AH (terminated)
W1N 2AP (terminated)
W1N 2BE (terminated)
W1N 2BH (terminated)
W1N 2EA (terminated)
W1N 2DL (terminated)
W1N 2AD (terminated)
W1N 2AE (terminated)
W1N 2AU (terminated)
W1N 2EH (terminated)
W1N 2DQ (terminated)
W1N 2BP (terminated)
W1N 2EP (terminated)
W1N 2BS (terminated)
W1N 2DD (terminated)
W1N 2EQ (terminated)
W1N 2DH (terminated)
W1N 2BY (terminated)
W1N 2DE (terminated)
W1N 2EY (terminated)
W1N 2DS (terminated)
W1N 2DT (terminated)
W1N 2AQ (terminated)
W1N 2DX (terminated)
W1N 2AX (terminated)
W1N 2BA (terminated)
W1N 2ES (terminated)
W1N 2DJ (terminated)
W1N 2EL (terminated)
W1N 2BX (terminated)
W1N 2BT (terminated)
W1N 2AR (terminated)
W1N 2ED (terminated)
W1N 2AA (terminated)
W1N 2DN (terminated)
W1N 8LP (terminated)
W1N 8AT (terminated)
W1N 8DP (terminated)
W1N 8DU (terminated)
W1N 8DJ (terminated)
W1N 8PD (terminated)
W1N 8BD (terminated)
W1N 8HX (terminated)
W1N 8AA (terminated)
W1N 8BR (terminated)
W1N 8QD (terminated)
W1N 8BS (terminated)
W1N 8NX (terminated)
W1N 8JE (terminated)
W1N 8DD (terminated)
W1N 8AN (terminated)
W1N 8PR (terminated)
W1N 8HN (terminated)
W1N 8QU (terminated)
W1N 8AR (terminated)
W1N 8NP (terminated)
W1N 8EP (terminated)
W1N 8BY (terminated)
W1N 8HQ (terminated)
W1N 8AS (terminated)
W1N 8AX (terminated)
W1N 8NQ (terminated)
W1N 8LS (terminated)
W1N 8LB (terminated)
W1N 8QE (terminated)
W1N 8AY (terminated)
W1N 8AE (terminated)
W1N 8BP (terminated)
W1N 8JR (terminated)
W1N 8JQ (terminated)
W1N 8QQ (terminated)
W1N 8EA (terminated)
W1N 8EE (terminated)
W1N 8LR (terminated)
W1N 8LL (terminated)
W1N 8ET (terminated)
W1N 8AU (terminated)
W1N 8QB (terminated)
W1N 8LN (terminated)
W1N 8BX (terminated)
W1N 8QY (terminated)
W1N 8ED (terminated)
W1N 8LQ (terminated)
W1N 8LE (terminated)
W1N 8PQ (terminated)
W1N 8PE (terminated)
W1N 8QT (terminated)
W1N 8EH (terminated)
W1N 8PS (terminated)
W1N 8HT (terminated)
W1N 8DY (terminated)
W1N 8ER (terminated)
W1N 8JT (terminated)
W1N 8JU (terminated)
W1N 8HB (terminated)
W1N 8EJ (terminated)
W1N 8HH (terminated)
W1N 8BE (terminated)
W1N 8EU (terminated)
W1N 8NL (terminated)
W1N 8HA (terminated)
W1N 8NU (terminated)
W1N 8BJ (terminated)
W1N 8QX (terminated)
W1N 8HU (terminated)
W1N 8AB (terminated)
W1N 8HY (terminated)
W1N 8JD (terminated)
W1N 8PH (terminated)
W1N 8JH (terminated)
W1N 8ES (terminated)
W1N 8QN (terminated)
W1N 8EY (terminated)
W1N 8PX (terminated)
W1N 8LH (terminated)
W1N 8BL (terminated)
W1N 8EL (terminated)
W1N 8EN (terminated)
W1N 8AQ (terminated)
W1N 8DX (terminated)
W1N 8AJ (terminated)
W1N 8LD (terminated)
W1N 8PL (terminated)
W1N 8HL (terminated)
W1N 8DH (terminated)
W1N 8EB (terminated)
W1N 8BN (terminated)
W1N 8HS (terminated)
W1N 8BH (terminated)
W1N 8AD (terminated)
W1N 8NB (terminated)
W1N 8JL (terminated)
W1N 8AH (terminated)
W1N 8QS (terminated)
W1N 8BB (terminated)
W1N 8DL (terminated)
W1N 8JN (terminated)
W1N 8PJ (terminated)
W1N 8NA (terminated)
W1N 8JJ (terminated)
W1N 8NN (terminated)
W1N 8HD (terminated)
W1N 8JP (terminated)
W1N 8JB (terminated)
W1N 8HE (terminated)
W1N 8DN (terminated)
W1N 8JX (terminated)
W1N 8PP (terminated)
W1N 8JY (terminated)
W1N 8AL (terminated)
W1N 8DQ (terminated)
W1N 0BS (terminated)
W1N 0HH (terminated)
W1N 0DY (terminated)
W1N 0HD (terminated)
W1N 0DL (terminated)
W1N 0BL (terminated)
W1N 0ET (terminated)
W1N 0TR (terminated)
W1N 0ST (terminated)
W1N 0BJ (terminated)
W1N 0AN (terminated)
W1N 0BT (terminated)
W1N 0AR (terminated)
W1N 0DJ (terminated)
W1N 0AP (terminated)
W1N 0EU (terminated)
W1N 0TT (terminated)
W1N 0EX (terminated)
W1N 0HL (terminated)
W1N 0AA (terminated)
W1N 0AU (terminated)
W1N 0BR (terminated)
W1N 0LD (terminated)
W1N 0LH (terminated)
W1N 0BN (terminated)
W1N 0ER (terminated)
W1N 0AX (terminated)
W1N 0EL (terminated)
W1N 0EH (terminated)
W1N 0DH (terminated)
W1N 0DE (terminated)
W1N 0HB (terminated)
W1N 0DA (terminated)
W1N 0DX (terminated)
W1N 0ED (terminated)
W1N 0HA (terminated)
W1N 0HQ (terminated)
W1N 0EE (terminated)
W1N 0EA (terminated)
W1N 0LA (terminated)
W1N 0AE (terminated)
W1N 0AL (terminated)
W1N 0DT (terminated)
W1N 0ES (terminated)
W1N 0AB (terminated)
W1N 0AJ (terminated)
W1N 0HP (terminated)
W1N 0HR (terminated)
W1N 0LJ (terminated)
W1N 0EQ (terminated)
W1N 0HJ (terminated)
W1N 0DS (terminated)
W1N 0HE (terminated)
W1N 0BY (terminated)
W1N 0DP (terminated)
W1N 0AH (terminated)
W1N 0LE (terminated)
W1N 0AT (terminated)
W1N 5DE (terminated)
W1N 5PE (terminated)
W1N 5RE (terminated)
W1N 5AB (terminated)
W1N 5LX (terminated)
W1N 5LP (terminated)
W1N 5PA (terminated)
W1N 5RF (terminated)
W1N 5HE (terminated)
W1N 5FB (terminated)
W1N 5PD (terminated)
W1N 5PF (terminated)
W1N 5DA (terminated)
W1N 5DD (terminated)
W1N 5LF (terminated)
W1N 5HF (terminated)
W1N 5TB (terminated)
W1N 5RH (terminated)
W1N 5AE (terminated)
W1N 5AH (terminated)
W1N 5AG (terminated)
W1N 5RD (terminated)
W1N 5LU (terminated)
W1N 5DB (terminated)
W1N 5TA (terminated)
W1N 5PH (terminated)
W1N 5FA (terminated)
W1N 5LR (terminated)
W1N 5LT (terminated)
W1N 5DG (terminated)
W1N 5FD (terminated)
W1N 5AJ (terminated)
W1N 5AF (terminated)
W1N 5HD (terminated)
W1N 5HG (terminated)
W1N 5AL (terminated)
W1N 5HH (terminated)
W1N 5PG (terminated)
W1N 5DH (terminated)
W1N 5LS (terminated)
W1N 5LH (terminated)
W1N 5AA (terminated)
W1N 5LW (terminated)
W1N 5RA (terminated)
W1N 5PB (terminated)
W1N 5HB (terminated)
W1N 5LE (terminated)
W1N 5RB (terminated)
W1N 5RG (terminated)
W1N 5HJ (terminated)
W1N 5DF (terminated)
W1N 5LJ (terminated)
W1N 5LL (terminated)
W1N 5LG (terminated)
W1N 5LQ (terminated)
W1N 5LB (terminated)
W1N 5LN (terminated)
W1N 5AD (terminated)
W1N 5HA (terminated)
W1N 9HG (terminated)
W1N 9HA (terminated)
W1N 9AA (terminated)
W1N 9DR (terminated)
W1N 9HB (terminated)
W1N 9FL (terminated)
W1N 9LE (terminated)
W1N 9DJ (terminated)
W1N 9DP (terminated)
W1N 9AE (terminated)
W1N 9AB (terminated)
W1N 9LA (terminated)
W1N 9DG (terminated)
W1N 9FF (terminated)
W1N 9LG (terminated)
W1N 9DH (terminated)
W1N 9AD (terminated)
W1N 9HE (terminated)
W1N 9HD (terminated)
W1N 9LF (terminated)
W1N 9DB (terminated)
W1N 9LB (terminated)
W1N 9FH (terminated)
W1N 9DN (terminated)
W1N 9DF (terminated)
W1N 9AG (terminated)
W1N 9DE (terminated)
W1N 9DL (terminated)
W1N 9FG (terminated)
W1N 9HH (terminated)
W1N 9DA (terminated)
W1N 9FJ (terminated)
W1N 9FA (terminated)
W1N 9LD (terminated)
W1N 9HJ (terminated)
W1N 9DD (terminated)
W1N 9FB (terminated)
W1N 9FD (terminated)
W1N 7DF (terminated)
W1N 7PE (terminated)
W1N 7PA (terminated)
W1N 7HG (terminated)
W1N 7FJ (terminated)
W1N 7RD (terminated)
W1N 7LA (terminated)
W1N 7PD (terminated)
W1N 7RB (terminated)
W1N 7AJ (terminated)
W1N 7AP (terminated)
W1N 7LE (terminated)
W1N 7HB (terminated)
W1N 7FF (terminated)
W1N 7FB (terminated)
W1N 7HA (terminated)
W1N 7FD (terminated)
W1N 7DD (terminated)
W1N 7LB (terminated)
W1N 7RJ (terminated)
W1N 7AD (terminated)
W1N 7FH (terminated)
W1N 7HE (terminated)
W1N 7TA (terminated)
W1N 7AG (terminated)
W1N 7RA (terminated)
W1N 7HJ (terminated)
W1N 7LF (terminated)
W1N 7DA (terminated)
W1N 7AS (terminated)
W1N 7HD (terminated)
W1N 7AN (terminated)
W1N 7DG (terminated)
W1N 7AL (terminated)
W1N 7AB (terminated)
W1N 7LG (terminated)
W1N 7PF (terminated)
W1N 7PB (terminated)
W1N 7TD (terminated)
W1N 7AA (terminated)
W1N 7HH (terminated)
W1N 7FL (terminated)
W1N 7HL (terminated)
W1N 7FE (terminated)
W1N 7LD (terminated)
W1N 7DE (terminated)
W1N 7AR (terminated)
W1N 7AQ (terminated)
W1N 7TB (terminated)
W1N 7AF (terminated)
W1N 7AH (terminated)
W1N 7FG (terminated)
W1N 7RF (terminated)
W1N 7RH (terminated)
W1N 7FA (terminated)
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