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The TR210JX postcode is in Isles of Scilly, Isles of Scilly postcode town, within South West, England region.

This postcode is a Small User postcode introduced in 1980-01.

According to the ONS, The nearby area classification is Ageing communities and families / Ageing rural neighbourhoods / Ageing Coastal Living, while the work-zone classification is Town fringe countryside.

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General Info
Postcode AreaTR21
WardSt Mary's
MSOA21Isles of Scilly
LTLA22Isles of Scilly
UTLA22Isles of Scilly
RegionSouth West
Co-ordinates[ -6.311512068293782, 49.91439125452282 ]
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        RAMS VALLEY, TR210JX Property Information

        Sold House prices

        As per the latest sold houses prices, The average prices are as follows,

        • Detached is around £352,393
        • Flat is around £255,000
        • Semi-Detached is around £287,350
        • Terraced is around £290,000
        See the table below for more details on the sold house prices in the TR210JX, Isles of Scilly postcode.

        Properties currently for saleProperties currently for rent

        DRIFT RAMS VALLEYDetached, Freehold2022-11-14 00:00£595,000
        1 MANILLA FLATSFlat, Leasehold2021-06-25 00:00£255,000
        SANTAMANA RAMS VALLEYSemi-Detached, Freehold2019-09-23 00:00£320,000
        1 MANILLA FLATSFlat, Leasehold2018-11-16 00:00£245,000
        MINNEHAHA RAMS VALLEYTerraced, Freehold2018-03-23 00:00£230,000
        POPPLESTONES RAMS VALLEYSemi-Detached, Freehold2018-03-07 00:00£420,000
        TREGLESYN RAMS VALLEYDetached, Freehold2017-07-24 00:00£389,000
        1 MANILLA FLATSFlat, Freehold2017-06-16 00:00£270,000
        KINGSTON HOUSE RAMS VALLEYTerraced, Freehold2016-03-24 00:00£380,000
        DRIFT RAMS VALLEYDetached, Freehold2014-11-12 00:00£355,000
        ARDEN HOUSE RAMS VALLEYSemi-Detached, Freehold2013-11-29 00:00£310,000
        HAYCOCKS RAMS VALLEYDetached, Freehold2012-11-21 00:00£385,000
        TREGLESYN RAMS VALLEYDetached, Freehold2011-10-03 00:00£315,000
        MINNEHAHA RAMS VALLEYTerraced, Freehold2011-05-27 00:00£175,000
        SANTAMANA RAMS VALLEYSemi-Detached, Freehold2011-04-01 00:00£335,000
        Tenure of household
        Owned: Owns outright60
        Social rented: Rents from council or Local Authority26
        Private rented: Private landlord or letting agency20
        Owned: Owns with a mortgage or loan16
        Private rented: Other private rented6
        Social rented: Other social rented4
        Does not apply0
        Shared ownership: Shared ownership0
        Lives rent free0
        Number of People in a Household
        1 person in household57
        2 people in household54
        3 people in household12
        4 people in household7
        5 people in household1
        0 people in household0
        6 people in household0
        7 people in household0
        8 or more people in household0
        House Type

        The most common house types in the nearby area are Semi-detached (31), Terraced (25), and Detached (24).

        Shared house22
        commercial building5
        converted building2
        temporary structure0

        RAMS VALLEY, TR210JX Crime Statstics

        Postcode Crime rate over the last 12 Months

        Area Crime rate by Month


        Anti-social behaviour


        Violence and sexual offences


        Criminal damage and arson


        Vehicle crime




        Anti-social behaviour


        Violence and sexual offences


        Vehicle crime

        Nearby Schools

        Below are the nearest schools to the postcode ordered by distance. (data from gov.uk)

        The Five Islands AcademySecondary, Inadequate263 3-160.11 mi
        Nearby Nhs GP

        Check out the NHS GPs in nearby area.

        st marys health centre oohActiveking edward lane st marys isles of scilly 01720422628TR210HE
        st mary's health centreActivethe health centre king edward's lane st marys isles of scilly 01720422628TR210HE
        comm hosp - st marysClosedst marys hospital hospital lane, st marys isles of scilly cornwall 01208834600TR210LE
        Nearby Amenities
        • Bourdeaux Shop
          0.16 mi
        • Garrison Holidays
          0.34 mi
        • Hugh Street Cafe
          0.23 mi
        • Isles Of Scilly Bakery Shop
          0.10 mi
        • Mike Benny & Son Butchers
          0.25 mi
        • Buckingham House
          0.29 mi
        • Evergreen Cottage
          0.16 mi
        • Pelistry Cottage
          0.16 mi
        • Schooner's Hotel
          0.17 mi
        • Star Castle Hotel
          0.43 mi
        • Jacks Micro Bar
          0.23 mi
        • Mermaid Inn
          0.29 mi
        • The Scillonian Club
          0.16 mi
        • Cafe On The Quay
          0.34 mi
        • Dibble And Grub
          0.06 mi
        • On The Quay
          0.34 mi
        • Pilots Gig
          0.31 mi
        • Old Town Cafe And Greenlaws Guesthouse
          0.53 mi
        • Co-op Store
          0.23 mi
        • Galley Takeaway
          0.16 mi
        • Scilly Fish
          0.09 mi

        RAMS VALLEY, TR210JX Demographics

        (from Census 2021)

        The population of TR210JX is 233 compared to England, which has a population of 59,597,542.


        The average age of people living in the nearby area is 48 years old. The top three age distributions are: Below 14 (309), Between 75 to 100 (303), and Between 55 to 64 (295).


        According to the latest census 2021, The main ethnicity of the people in the immediate area is White: English with a total of 219 people, followed by White: Other White with a total of 6.


        Regarding education, 77 adults have Level 4, while 33 have Level 3.


        As for deprivation, most of the area is Not deprived in any dimension (478), followed by at least Deprived in one dimension (337).

        The most common occupations in the nearby area are
        • Professional occupations (20)
        • Caring, leisure and other service occupations (18), and
        • Skilled trades occupations (17)

        In terms of religion, most people mentioned Christian (112), followed by No religion (99).


        The NS-SEC defines and measures social class and is considered a reliable indicator of a person's class status. As per the 2021 census, most of the population has Small employers and own account workers (53) followed by Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations (49), and Semi-routine occupations (34).

        Economic Status

        Most people in the area mentioned they are Employee: Full-time (532), and 462 adults mentioned they are Retired.

        Country of Birth

        As per the country of birth, most adults are from the United Kingdom (1940) and European Union EU-8 (30).